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SEO Services and SEO Tools / Re: How to create RSS Feed submissions?
« Last post by learnvern on 07-07-2022, 06:20:40 »
Uploading an RSS Feed
  • Here are the simple steps to put your RSS Feed on the web.

    First decide which version of RSS Feed you are going to use for your site. We would recommend you to use the latest version available.

    Create your RSS Feed in a text file with extension either .xml or .rdf. Upload this file on your web server.

    You should validate your RSS Feed before making it live. Check the next chapter on RSS Feed Validation.

    Create a link on your Web Pages for the RSS Feed file. You will use a small yellow button for the link that says either RSS Feed or XML Feed.

    Now, your RSS Feed is online and people can start using it. But there are ways to promote your RSS Feed so that more number of people can use your RSS Feed.

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Web Hosting / Re: Wordpress UK hosting service?
« Last post by Chersont on 07-07-2022, 01:15:13 »
I've had a fully manged server with Fast UK Web Hosting for a year now. Their support is fast, friendly and dedicated.
They are a lovely bunch of people, quick to serve and extremely helpful - I recommend them.
Web Hosting / Re: What are good VPS providers?
« Last post by Chersont on 07-07-2022, 01:13:10 »
All that really matters is which web hosting is right for you. Give my vote for solutions.
I am happy with their uptime and speed which is what ultimately matters.
Web Hosting / Re: Any good, reliable web hosting with great support?
« Last post by Chersont on 07-07-2022, 01:12:02 »
I switched to after several days of research. I was with another host, but this web host topped all the features and had rave reviews by everyone.
Their focus is clearly geared towards medium- to large-sized business.
Web Hosting / Re: Good managed VPS hosting (cPanel)?
« Last post by Chersont on 07-07-2022, 01:10:43 »
The most impressive aspect of is the reaction time for technical queries. Anytime I needed a question answered they provided quick and knowledgeable answer and help. My last webhost would sometimes take days to respond to your help ticket. I feel safe and secure with this host. They accept Bitcoin, Webmoney, Perfect Money, CashU, Ukash, Paysafecard, Skrill, Payza, Nereller and more.
Facebook Discussions / Re: Facebook Marketing Issue
« Last post by Jinesh sethia on 07-06-2022, 23:27:58 »
I have a newly launched website based on product selling. A friend of mine told me, I will get a good conversion by following the Facebook Marketing strategy. I don't know much about Facebook marketing. Is FB marketing is really effective for eCommerce-type businesses?
Facebook marketing is one of the best ways to promote and grow an ecommerce store. With its free business page option, advanced consumer targeting capabilities, and a built-in advertising platform, you can reach hundreds of new customers for a fraction of the cost of a traditional advertising campaign. With 2.41 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that can help you take your business to the next level. With such a massive number of active users, Facebook is too big to ignore as a part of your marketing strategies . FB is the world’s biggest social media platform and boasts one of the most diverse audiences.
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SEO Basics / Re: How to Increase Website Traffic quickly?
« Last post by learnvern on 07-06-2022, 05:53:19 »
10 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Perform Keyword Research. Always include relevant keywords in your content. ...
Create Memorable Content. ...
Write Guest Posts. ...
Keep Active Social Media Pages. ...
Use Advertising to Increase Website Traffic. ...
Send Email Newsletters. ...
Influencer Outreach. ...
Create a Helpful Industry Tool or Content.

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Google Search Optimization / Re: B2B ecommerce
« Last post by mileageglobal on 07-06-2022, 05:35:32 »
1. B2B eCommerce Metrics That You Should Focus Upon
2. Lead-To-Close Conversion Rate (CVR)
3. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
4. Marketing Originated Customers
5. Churn Rate
6. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
7. Marketing Qualified Leads
8. Monthly Recurring Revenue
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