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SEO Basics / What are the benefits of long tail keyword?
« Last post by MVMInfotech18 on 05-24-2019, 22:01:09 »
What are the benefits of long tail keyword?
SEO Basics / what is meaning of broken links?
« Last post by MVMInfotech18 on 05-24-2019, 21:56:40 »
what is meaning of broken links?
SEO Basics / Re: What are the different types of Ethical SEO?
« Last post by inoxindia on 05-24-2019, 05:52:35 »
Ethical seo refers to the link building process that obeys the rules of webmaster guidelines. They are helpful to rank keywords higher in search engines and also keeps your website safe from any search engine updates.

There are 3 types of ethical SEO

Ethical SEO provides the standards and search engine functionality to provide the optimization for the websites.
Ethical SEO provides positioning of the results that is longer lasting and provide frequent changes made in the algorithms.
This provides a way to optimize the search sites by making it appear on the search engine and promote it using ...
Google Search Optimization / Re: Future of Content Marketing
« Last post by anand_sama on 05-24-2019, 05:50:15 »
very bright . i guess
Bcoz...its a true that a content is king for promotion of your business or product
now a days in digital marketing to rank web site or keyword we need proper and quality content
to generate leads throgh onlkine platform you need a catchy and attractive conntent
without content your business would be worthless or meaningless
and in future also we need a content which can make you and your busineess rich
Google Search Optimization / Re: Google Indexing and other bugs
« Last post by safracatz on 05-24-2019, 05:07:39 »
Google's own tools can help us verify whether a page is recorded, but doing this at system is difficult, and once an event has passed, we no longer have a good way to historical data. What if we could isolate a set of URLs, though, that we could logically expect to be stable over time? Could we use that set to detect unusual patterns?
SEO Basics / Bourge webmasters are needed!
« Last post by Kathrin on 05-24-2019, 02:56:57 »
Hi guys! I`m glad to be member of your hangout!)
Have you got a quality traffic for finance? Are you working with bourge offers? - Then we will find a common language and earnings!
SEO Basics / Re: What are the different types of Ethical SEO?
« Last post by Jack Anderson on 05-24-2019, 01:50:08 »
Ethical SEO suggests that link building method that obeys the rules of the webmaster. And useful to rank keywords higher in search engines.
Following pointers of the webmaster and optimize a web site as per its directives remarked moral SEO or white hat technique.
Ethical SEO techniques:
  • Original and distinctive content
    Keyword analysis
    Add a diary that makes worth for finish users
    Social Media
    Pay attention to the Title tag
    Powerful link building
    SEO friendly URLs
    Writing for readers and on-line traffic
    Include a Sitemap
One of the best tool for checking backlinks is Ahref. And on the 2nd number is Semrush and on the 3rd number is MOZ...
To be honest, practical SEO learnign is more effective than Theoritical SEO. And for that, you should complete a course on SEO and Internet Marketing. However, you can start SEO learning by studying useful PDF books that you get by googling. You may visit here:
There are many tools available on the google but I think You should use any paid too is good to check the backlinks because the free tool did not show the real quantity of backlinks.
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