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There are immediately many questions appearing in your head: is this a Google penalty, why it was penalized and how to recover it and avoid these problems in future. Here are the answers to the following and other important questions connected with Google penalties.
Google Search Optimization / Re: How to Identify Poor Backlinks
« Last post by damponting44 on 02-22-2018, 23:12:01 »
Monitor Backlinks is an SEO platform that consolidates everything there is to know about your backlink profile and key SEO metrics. You can use it to monitor organic traffic, spy on competitor backlinks, check your rankings for specific keywords and more.
If we put keywords in the Google search box and our site is not getting rank for any keyword then our site may be penalized by the Google. In Google search console also in message box we will get messages if our site is penalized.
Hi Friends !! Which SEO plugin is best suit for word press site? Someone suggest All in one and another suggest Yoast plugin so which is best.

Go for Yoast.  !-!
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / Linen in Knottingley
« Last post by LinensRange786 on 02-22-2018, 22:29:23 »

 I'll almost without doubt become accomplished at to like this one even superior. It's on the increase on me before now.
 :P :P :P
Hi i work for one marketing agency, my client website is and the main keyword else business name u can say is globalmarketastro, when i search with " globalmarketastro" without any spaces in the words the website is displaying in the first page and first result, if i typed the word " global market astro " ( word with spaces ) the page is coming in the second page search results. Can anyone suggest the ways to improve the website rankings to first page for the words with spaces

As far as SEO is concerned, you need to be very careful while selecting performing keywords for your site and this keyword research will lead you towards your success forming the very first step.

Secondly, it is not certain how your users will search. As you have mentioned "global market astro", it must be your business name and this keyword search will make difference if and only if your users are searching it by your name. If you have brand popularity already, it does not matter if you have or don't have space in between.
The task of ranking on search engine is something that is NOT found frequently in local businesses. Most people think of having a beautiful website is enough to get you in front of customers. However, it is the website which achieves high rank on Google and draws converting traffic that actually gets the result - sales leads. A BC Search Engine Optimization simplifies this process and works for you and your business. We carefully craft your website to be search-engine and human-visitors friendly. That said, we strategically place links around the net - so your site is recognized by Google as top-notch in its keyword domain. A BC Search Engine Optimization specialist only follows white-hat techniques that will spur your site to the top position of search engine placements.
For more information visit:

Seems tricky the way you have inserted the link.

Anyways, there are many things to care about while thinking of SEO. As you already know the nitty-gitty of SEO, you must be knowing that Google is concerned with ranking those websites, images or blogs or anything else which is qualitative to users and is also repeatedly preferred by them so that it gives a green signal that this website has something useful.
SEO is more effective in the long run as it helps to build your website ranking higher in search engines with various on page and off page techniques. PPC is a campaign that is run to build your keyword popularity in search engines.
Server Administration / Re: hallway page
« Last post by RH-Calvin on 02-22-2018, 11:04:25 »
Hallway page is a web page often created by webmasters who believe that it helps search engines find pages on a website that they might otherwise miss.

As such a hallway page (sometimes called a gateway page) is often no more than a set of links for spiders and robots to follow.
Server Administration / hallway page
« Last post by SeoDezin on 02-22-2018, 07:47:18 »
Define the term "Hallway page"?
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