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You can use folder name according to various country, But better way is separation.
Canonical tags prevent duplication of URL indexing in Google. For best practices use canonical URLs for your website as it tells search engines which version of URL should be Index by Google for Rankings.
Off Topic / Travel highlight: Icebergs in Greenland
« Last post by chrisontour84 on 03-16-2018, 21:54:32 »
Hi :)

Greenland is a great place to witness the midnight sun, meaning that the sun does actually not set for 24 hours, leaving you with the most amazing golden colours during midnigght. Great for Photographers and a real treat to the eye! Certainly worth to be included as one of my favorite moments of all time, I wanted to share some of the pictures here with you and hope to inspire some of you to visit this beautiful place!


This lady was actually getting pretty close to me in the end after celebrating into my birthday :)

SEO Basics / Re: How can I boost my focus keyword to rank higher?
« Last post by chrisontour84 on 03-16-2018, 21:51:40 »
Hey guys! So now my post shows up as #1 out of a huge amount of hits. I still think something is wrong though since i only got 30 hits from google search in the last 7 days. I would imagine that number to be much higher as #1 ranked for "how to keep travel cost low" keyword?
Web Hosting / Re: Need to host my new e-commerce shop
« Last post by Nickindred on 03-16-2018, 06:32:19 »
Think that and their ssd hosting solutions will suit all your demands.  !-!
The good part is the support team will always put customer interest first before committing to any changes or finalising my issues that I forward to them.
Web Hosting / Re: What is the most reliable host you know?
« Last post by Nickindred on 03-16-2018, 06:31:17 »
Luckily I stumbled upon in a web search for the best adult hosting provider.
The things I like about them are: full of available scripts, 99.9% uptime, fast servers host.
Web Hosting / Re: Need hosting account (50 gbs of Hard Disk)
« Last post by Nickindred on 03-16-2018, 06:29:54 »
I just moved my site to for a couple of reasons. Their price is great. They have unlimited space, traffic and domain.
They also have exceptional customer service. I had no problems getting everything set up. Promo code: happy2018 - 18% lifetime discount.
Directory Submission / Re: Get more backlinks on your site!
« Last post by etdigital on 03-16-2018, 06:23:35 »
Yes, It is a spamming >:( >:(

And directory submission is not used to any website, Dead Backlinks and hamper your website...

do a quality work and get longlisted result guys..

Link Building / Introduction to Machine Learning with Python
« Last post by Elena_L on 03-16-2018, 06:21:00 »
Some useful information to help you Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning is a very common technique that is considered by a very large number of businesses across the globe. Due to its increasing scope and pros, people all over the world are learning Machine Language with Python. If you are one among them, we guide you to learn the same in a very simple manner. You will find information on different factors related to the Machine Learning and Python. We will consider you as a complete fresher and thus going to pay attention to a lot of basic things. Continue your reading to keep up the pace in this matter.

Useful Python learning skills

Python is a very popular general purpose programming language with a great scope across the globe. The biggest fact is it has been considered in both Machine Learning and in Scientific Computing. If you have basic knowledge of Python and Machine Learning, you can probably transform your programming skills to a novel height. Before you proceed further, it is suggested to you to install the Anaconda which is basically a Python implementation that works reliably on all the OS.  In case you don’t know anything about programming, it’s better to introduce yourself with the basic information related to same. There are certain methods to help you on this and you can probably keep up the pace in a short time span.

Other Machine Learning skills

It is quite a true fact that data scientists are largely dependent on Machine Learning algorithms in the present scenario. Therefore, it is suggested to you to understand the basic kernel methods so that you can easily manage and understand the vector model. Paying clear attention to the Machine Learning algorithms helps you to simply handle data operations reliably. It may need some additional time, but you can easily manage certain tasks. For practice, there is no need to study all the algorithms in detail but general understanding would be sufficient. You can take the help of several online notes and study material to understand some core concepts and the good part is many courses are available online to help you on this.

Libraries Overview

There are a very large number of open source libraries beyond Python that are useful when it comes to facilitating practical machine learning for various tasks through its algorithms. Most of the tasks related to machine learning as well as elementary machine learning are purely based on the Python scientific libraries. An overview of the same has been given below to help you understand them.

Pandas- It is basically a library that is having useful structures. Experts also call is Python data analysis library.

Numpy- There are certain stages when there is a need to use dimensional approaches. The “Numpy” is a useful library that contains a lot of N-Dimensional Array objects that can handle a lot of operations reliably.

Scilit Learn- Handling data mining, as well as Data Analysis, is not a simple task in a true sense. There are certain factors to pay attention to. Scilit-Learn is a library having algorithms that are extremely useful in this matter.

Matplotlib- It is quite true that creating figures is an important task while working on programming languages. Python has a useful library called as Matplotlib that is helpful in creating publication figures.

In addition to this, there are certain other libraries that can handle a lot of Machine Language Learning tasks in Python. It must be noted that you need to understand the Python in detail in case you need to work on them. The above listed libraries are sufficient to handle basic operations.

Solving unsupervised learning problem is a key challenge associated with learning Machine Language with Pyhton. Although there are algorithms but they are highly complex and you might have no idea that they need a lot of practice when it comes to handling large-scale problems with them. The best algorithm to consider is K-means clustering. Other algorithms that are helpful are Linear Regression, Decision Tree and Logistic Regression. Machine Learning technique is largely based on them and you can keep up the pace by introducing yourself with them.

There are some advanced learning approaches that should also be considered. The one that deals with very complex transformations of data is “Support Vendor Machine”.  Next to this is “Random Forest which is also extremely helpful in handling the operations reliably. In Machine Learning one important factor on which problem actually depends is nothing but the number of variables that are associated with it. By imposing a limit on them, several tasks can be made simpler. The Machine Language Algorithm that can help you in this matter is Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

You need to keep in mind that using Python technology and the machine libraries is an approach that gives you results only if you know how to effectively use the machine learning algorithms.  Many techniques such as “Model Validation” also play a significant role in this matter. Your foundational Machine Learning skills are exactly what that makes the further tasks simple and therefore it is suggested to you to pay close attention to them.

In-Depth Learning

If all you want is higher-order skill in Machine Learning with Python, something you should pay clear attention to is nothing but the Neural Networks. Actually, it’s a powerful algorithm that is based on the Human Nervous system and always derives excellent results. Since last few years the use of Neural Network algorithms has improved significantly. In case you are not familiar with the same, understanding (at least) the basic is suggested to you.

Well the above information is always useful to you when it comes to learning Machine Learning with Python. Machine Learning with Python has a very good scope presently and will remain in the future too. Some experts believes that integrating these technologies can bring flawless blend of results that can be trusted by large, as well as small scale businesses for attaining the most desired outcomes. Python can make the things extremely simple. On the other side, Machine Learning algorithms can contribute in generating a lot of useful information on decisions taking and managing tasks.  !-!
What exactly is SEO optimization, and how do users do SEO optimization?

What does SEO mean?

SEO Optimization in encyclopedia is the Search Engine Optimization, which USES the rules defined by the Search Engine to improve the website‘s natural ranking.

It is important to note that search engine optimization is not only baidu, but also some other search engines, such as Google, 360, sogou, taobao and so on.

Either way is SEO optimization.

How to do SEO optimization?

When we know what SEO means, we may have some problems. How to do SEO?

So I’ve compiled an outline for how to do SEO, and you can do SEO optimization in terms of the details to achieve our goal.

(read more: SEO optimization and how to do SEO)

When we know what SEO optimization means, there is a great deal of confusion about how to do SEO optimization.

Usually, SEO optimization requires a certain amount of thought, and then combined with the details to achieve our goal.

1. Set the title, keywords and description of the website.

When we do SEO optimization, we usually use the website. After we have built the website, we will set up a website‘s title, keywords and description information.

This is the most basic part of SEO optimization, and it is also a very important part.

When setting key words, we need to set up the content of the website first. For example, if a website is optimized as the title of SEO, the content of this website should be combined with the title.

In general, before you prepare a website, you will prepare a lot of content.

Then there are the key words of the website, some sites have a wide range of keywords, but we should set them according to our own situation, such as setting the long tail key words.

For the average new webmaster, the long tail keyword is better optimized.

Finally, you need to set up a description. The content of the description must be relevant to the content of the website.

2. Optimize the content of SEO.

Many people have a big head when doing SEO articles, but the original article is not very difficult to write, in the form of ordinary speech, can make the customer easier to understand.

3. How to set the chain structure of the website?

In the baidu announcement, there is a description of the site as a tree, the front page and the column surface like a tree branch, and then links to the content page.

When we do a website, we can link the navigation to any page, and then we can set the keyword to the relevant content page.

This will increase user access, and also allow baidu to come to our new page, which will include new pages.

This article describes what SEO optimization and how to do SEO optimization, in fact SEO is a good understanding, and easier to do.
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