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If there is a form in that page then you can create a thank-you page and when user will click on the submit button it will redirect user to thank-you page...

And if its just an informative page then you can add a subscriber form and when user will fill that form same thing will happen with user (mentioned as above)..
SEO Basics / True Off Page SEO techniques in 2017
« Last post by Deepak1 on 12-14-2017, 04:43:20 »
Now a Days Off-Page SEO techniques such as link exchange, forum commenting, social media engagements etc. If these not significant anymore, then please suggest some effective off page techniques.
SEO Basics / Re: What is Brick Marketing?
« Last post by Deepak1 on 12-14-2017, 04:41:30 »
Brick Marketing specializes in managing SEO program for business to business (B2B) companies. SEO for B2B companies is a totally different ballgame, from long sales cycles to complex products to diverse niche markets.  Brick Marketing can help your organization navigate and manage your SEO program.
SEO Basics / Re: What is a Poison word in SEO?
« Last post by Deepak1 on 12-14-2017, 04:38:07 »
Poison words in SEO are such words used in keywords , titles or else which can decrease our site page rank and can be harmful for our site. And by these words our site might be get negative impact in search engine. As an example cheap service , free service or like that.
Afterwards, I'll put 301 redirections on the same URL to prevent 404 error. :slight_smile: And I'll use homepage as a destination
SEO Basics / Re: most common SEO myths
« Last post by Deepak1 on 12-14-2017, 04:18:40 »
1 You should optimize meta titles and description for search engines over people
2 More links are better than more content
3 Link building is dead
4 SEO is something my IT person can do
5 All I need is on-page SEO
6 Seek a perfect keyword density
Web Hosting /  What You Need to Know About China Shared Hosting
« Last post by xiaolanzhuji on 12-14-2017, 02:31:34 »

  When the first time to contact when web site space,the China shared hosting, and other products of choose and buy, Many webmaster friends don‘t know how to choose, and when they choose and buy don’t know how to pay attention to , and what are the commonly used parameters especially for web space?

  Generally we buy space is composed of the following factors, such as operating system, the size, the database size, traffic limit per month, connection concurrency, whether independent IP, lines, and the CPU; These are some of the most common space attributes we can see when we buy space.

  I. Operating system: it was mainly divided into Windows and Linux systems. Among them, Windows is commonly known as IIS, which can be supported by “ASP +PHP+ZEND+GD+ASPJPEG+ MYSQL”More than of this; Linux is used as a PHP program, and the most common one that we use is the PHP+Mysql database.

  2. Supporting language: supporting language can also be said to be the operating environment of the program. For example, there are “Html, ASP, PHP,.net, JAVA/JSP”and so on,but for personal webmasters, thay are mainly Html, ASP, or PHP programs.

  3 .Database capacity pluses space capacity pluses traffic restrictions: if you want to truly understand the three parameters, first have to understand how the computer standard capacity conversion: 1 g = 1024 m, 1 m = 1024 k, 1 k = 1024 bytes, a Chinese = 2 bytes, an English or number = 1 byte.

  4.Number of IIS concurrent connections and CPU: the number of people who send requests to the server at the same time on the site. Includes: click the link or search the database at the same time. And the CPU, remember the last time I used the dedecms a key update, which causes the website to hang up, says CPU usage is too high, visible each space to the CPU control pressure, there must be a limit, if more than the quota may be affect the using of the website; At this point, please don‘t believe anything, you can’t believe anything. There are limits to that. It‘s only in the places where we can’t see it, it‘s just limited to space.

  5.Independent IP: in short, this IP is the only one you can use. The advantages of the IP is the IP specificity, not like a Shared IP, probably an IP violations, causing a server outage all IP, rejected are search engine. This is also one of the advantages that most webmasters feel independent IP. Independent IP, the choice of the time is still not wrong, at least to the website is good.

  6. Kinds of tests before purchasing : before buying a hosting, please try to test the space you want to buy. Generally speaking, there is a certain number of days of probation. Testing involves the upload speed, download speed, stability test, etc., and basically fixed period of time not test once a day, so you can see the hosting overall performance, or with the help of some free website monitoring tools, look at the overall situation of the server configuration is also possible.After all, knowing how to buy a hosting has a great help. Of course, it is helpful to search online for some relevant comments, whether the space is stable or not. If you don’t know much about this, it‘s more convenient to get recommendations from your friends.
SEO Basics / Re: most common SEO myths
« Last post by manivel on 12-14-2017, 01:58:52 »
Myth #1: You should optimize meta titles and description for search engines over people
Myth #2: More links are better than more content
Myth #3: All I need is on-page SEO
Myth #4: Seek a perfect keyword density
Myth #5: Creating microsites will help my primary page’s SEO
Off Topic / favorite vacation place..?
« Last post by jasminekour12 on 12-14-2017, 00:56:22 »
Hello Friend,

             What is your favorite vacation place..?
Pay Per Click, Pay Per View / Re: How can i create a ppc ad?
« Last post by sirishasiri on 12-14-2017, 00:23:41 »
There’s no way around it, particularly if you're an ecommerce marketer. Being price competitive should be a top priority when you're trying to get transactional clicks from PPC ads. Shoppers have become increasingly smart and savvy online, especially when, in an instant, they can sort results by the lowest price and compare five different stores selling your same products.
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