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RankActive has a new update, which brought a brand new Keyword Finder with a long-awaited AdWords keyword research tool and a whole set of system improvements.

With the new product, you can get keywords suggestions, similar, related keywords and also find out what terms your website is ranked for. To make our Keyword finder perfect, we’ve released Adwords Keywords Planner tool.
If you want to know more, drop our support team a line or test the product yourself.
SEO Basics / Re: What is DA in SEO?
« Last post by evejones on 03-19-2018, 02:55:02 »
DA is the Domain Authority, which is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz as a prediction of how well the websites can rank on search engines.
SEO Basics / SEO optimization: what is high quality content
« Last post by xiaolanzhuji on 03-19-2018, 02:35:12 »
SEO optimization: what is high quality content?

SEO optimization will ultimately require a good user experience to improve the overall quality of the site.

However, it is necessary to do so, and the understanding of each station is different.

For example, some webmasters think that it is high quality to do well in original articles, and some webmasters believe that the high quality of users‘ clicks is high.

These are not comprehensive enough. What does the average search engine think is SEO quality content?

First, it is highly readable.

This understanding is one-sided if only high-quality content is considered to be original.

For example, if you do a long length of the original article, but the content is bad, and not to understand, the whole piece of useless description is more, the original, even also is relatively poor, may also affect the user to read.

This kind of user will not read the content, how can be called high quality content?

Therefore, the high readability means to release some users’ content from the user‘s perspective.

This is high quality content, even if it is very brief and original.

(related reading: how to make your content outstanding)

Second, enrich the content of the page.

When the general user visits the website, the purpose is strong, so he will be interested in a single class of information, and then click on a certain type of article.

For example, if the article is long and almost full, users will not know how to see it and where to look.

Therefore, the more diversified operation of the article, such as adding pictures, video, etc., will let users have no aesthetic fatigue.

Third, design interactive content.

If it’s just readability and richness, it‘s not necessarily high quality.

If the content of the site is just a layout, it will cause inconvenience to some extent.

Therefore, the website can design some interactive content, or it can be considered to be related to the page, which is also a way to improve the quality of the website.

Fourth, the communication is better.

When the post of a web site has a large number of clicks, it shows that the article is popular, which can be interpreted as a relatively high quality content.

Search engines also think this is better.

Fifth, the website opens the speed.

Open speed although relatively far is associated with high quality, but if a video or photos of the page is too much, open the speed will be affected, therefore, is also the quality of this page.

Therefore, it is important to optimize the page and content of this poor quality.
Link Building / Re: Paid Links & Bartered links
« Last post by abhi_garg on 03-19-2018, 01:15:17 »
I didn't hear about Bartered links before so Bartered links is new for me but still I still didn't well understand about Bartered links.
Link Building / Latest Link Building Technique
« Last post by abhi_garg on 03-19-2018, 01:10:24 »
Link Building is important part of a SEO as well as Link Building is important for a website too. There are various types of link Link Building techniques those have been using for long time but is there any new & latest technique for link building ?

Which is the latest link building technique you know ?
SEO Basics / Re: What is DA in SEO?
« Last post by neelseowork on 03-18-2018, 23:37:01 »
Read the complete guide here

I am sure that this blog will help you.  !-!
Google Search Optimization / What to do if website is banned?
« Last post by CorneliaAlan on 03-18-2018, 23:34:08 »

What to do if the website is banned by the search engines for black hat practices?

A couple of things I would suggest:
- Do google business listing and verify your business location.
- Submit your site to local business directory
- Post classified in targeted locations
Advanced Search Engine Optimization / What is Page Rank?
« Last post by localflavourstours on 03-18-2018, 14:28:05 »
I recently get to know about free Page Rank checker tool powered by Google which is And I've checked for my site and it's resulting 0/10. But the thing is I am not even clear about basics of Page Rank i.e. what is all about? How it is measured and on which basis?

Welcoming some valuable comments.
SEO Basics / What is DA in SEO?
« Last post by localflavourstours on 03-18-2018, 14:04:33 »
I know DA stands for Domain Authority but just curious to know how and on what basis it is measured?
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