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Web Hosting / Re: windows web hosting solutions?
« Last post by Chartez on 11-07-2018, 23:48:17 »
What is the best price? What do you think?
Web Hosting / Re: Any reliable web hosts with Anti-virus Protection?
« Last post by Chartez on 11-07-2018, 23:47:15 »
What other options can you advise? I'm also looking for something quality and inexpensive.
Forum Discussion / Re: По поводу рекламы?
« Last post by Chartez on 11-07-2018, 23:46:04 »
русскоязычные тут есть?
SEO Basics / What are the best ad posting sites?
« Last post by Pamela123 on 11-07-2018, 23:12:29 »

Can you suggest me some ad posting sites?
SEO Basics / Re: Does anybody know how this is possible?
« Last post by Pamela123 on 11-07-2018, 23:09:14 »
Without more do follow backlinks, it is not possible. To increase domain authority backlink is must.  I think he/she followed blackhat SEO tactics and that's why it has been possible without backlinks.  :'(
SEO Basics / Re: Does anybody know how this is possible?
« Last post by MoGreen on 11-07-2018, 12:21:46 »
any ideas?
Here I am collaborating 6 important steps to increase automatically impressions on daily basis if you really work on below points you will definitely get the required traffic.

Create Awesome Engaging Content

Nobody cares about the volume of content that you produce. If you’re producing massive amounts of content simply because you believe content is king, there is a good chance you are throwing away time and money. Is content important? Sure it is. But only when it’s done right.

Interact With Your Visitors

This is a subject that draws opinions from both camps. Primarily because if you’re creating awesome content that attracts a lot of comments, it can become very time-consuming to respond to each of them. That said, building a business of any type requires strong relationships and sometimes that begins by responding to the comment your readers leave on your blog.

Submit all of your pages to the Google index - for free.

By using Google Search Console to submit your URLs, you help Google's web crawler do a more complete and efficient job of crawling your site. Search Console enables you to submit all of your pages to the Google index, and it's particularly useful for making sure that we know about all dynamically generated URLs or pages that are not adequately linked to on your site. But please note: submitting a page to the index will not guarantee inclusion or influence your PageRank, and isn't a replacement for creating compelling and useful content.

Diagnose potential problems.

We let you know if, and why, we're having trouble accessing your site or specific pages. If we can't crawl a page, we can't index it -- so fixing any errors we list can help improve your overall coverage. If the AdSense Site Diagnostics tool shows that you're blocking pages from MediaPartners-Google (the AdSense crawler), you can use the robots.txt analysis tool of Google Search Console to test changes to that file and make sure those changes allow access. You can also see what pages you are blocking from other Google bots -- this lets you experiment with changes to see how they would affect the crawl of your site.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is not only important from an SEO perspective but for site visitors as well. Frequent use of internal linking allows visitors to navigate your website more easily. Just as your post titles and headline (see how I did that?) are unambiguous, so should your internal linking be. If you’re going to point a visitor to a relevant article or piece of information on your site, never break their trust by sending them somewhere unexpected.

As far as the types of internal links worth considering, your choices are plenty. A great place to start is from within your content. You’ll see this tactic used a lot here on Elegant Themes. If you have an opportunity to reference another post that might be capable of expanding upon your current topic, include a hyperlink and relevant anchor text.

Optimize for Mobile Traffic

Most WordPress themes these days are mobile friendly. You probably already know the importance of a site that keeps mobile users happy. A typical small business website these days is seeing mobile traffic surpass the 50% level on a regular basis. Catering to these visitors is no longer an option if you want them to stick around on your site.
It's really helps for me and more thing you missed here optimize the keyword.
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Web Hosting / Re: windows web hosting solutions?
« Last post by Nickindred on 11-07-2018, 01:55:15 »
I can tell honestly that i am very happy to work with them! Server locations: Switzerland, Germany, Russia, USA.
It happened so that web host has the best Tech and general support I have experienced and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Web Hosting / Re: Wanna host 10 wordpress blogs
« Last post by Nickindred on 11-07-2018, 01:52:51 »
I initially chose for the price and features. The price and features remain solid.
Their tools are great. They have a very large selection of scripts to choose from. In conclusion, I am very pleased!
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