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For your site you can do forum submission more and do content marketing or advertising in forum. I think advertisement related contents like classified, forum advertisement are necessary for your website.
SEO Basics / Duplicate content issue while moving from http to https
« Last post by PaulShipman on 02-13-2018, 00:17:44 »
Post Duplicate content issue while moving from http to https
We have changed our domain from HTTP TO HTTPS

But Google is showing the duplicate content error for ( we have used htaccess redirect for our site but still showing error.

so should we use a canonical tag on https site or http site plz help?
Google Search Optimization / Re: How to Identify Poor Backlinks
« Last post by JSImediaJS123 on 02-13-2018, 00:00:09 »
Generally, I check in the Google Webmaster Tool. There I check my all backlinks, and check their DA,PA and spam score, if I find anything wrong, then I disavow it by disavow tool.
SEO Basics / Re: Change Domain Name?
« Last post by John - Smith on 02-12-2018, 23:50:30 »
If you are planning to move website from old domain to new, Redirecting whole website is the option left.
and if you redirect it, you have to keep both domains active. because you are redirecting it to new. So after few months if it is expired, you will stop getting traffic from your old domain as it is expired and all your SEO work will be wasted.
 You have to start with 0 for new website.
So take decision wisely. You should contact SEO expert before taking any steps.


How much effect does a domain name change have on PR?

I'll be planning to move my website from one domain to another in the future. My plan is to still keep the old domain for a few months, but redirect every link with a 301 moved permanently HTTP header from the old to the new domain.

So the server would 301 redirect from the old to the new, keeping the request url: ->

Is there something else I should take into consideration before doing the change?

Also, did you do a domain change in the past and how did it work out for you?
You can get huge traffic but for that you have to do SEO activities for your blogging site.
On page and Off page is must.

Once you publish blogs, share it in your circle and social media platforms. Brand awareness is must in SEO so share it in relevant groups to get better response. Representation and content should be unique in order to get more share.

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Google Search Optimization / Re: How to Identify Poor Backlinks
« Last post by PaulShipman on 02-12-2018, 23:22:14 »
As there are many paid tools available for checking your backlinks like Ahref, Moz, Semrush but there is a trick Semrush is currently working in their beta phase so just register with semrush and there is one Backlink Audit tool which will help you to identify the poor backlinks and this tool allows you to disallow the toxic domains easily.

Hope this will help.
Facebook Discussions / Re: Steps To Setting Up a Facebook Ad Manager
« Last post by abhi_garg on 02-12-2018, 23:21:46 »
Nice post to learn about Facebook Ad Manager.
Link Building / Re: How much traffic do you get from directories?
« Last post by abhi_garg on 02-12-2018, 23:14:59 »
I think Directory submission is useless now a days there is benefit for Directory submission.
SEO Basics / Re: How to block spam commenting in my word-press blog?
« Last post by abhi_garg on 02-12-2018, 23:12:41 »
I appreciate replies of those who has already explain but I also want to share my words. There are some way to block spamming comments like manually you can block in commenting setting, Use WordPress plugin to block comments & one think that you may also like. Disable your comment box in WordPress that no one will post spam comment.
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