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SEO Basics / Re: How to improve my website ranking?
« Last post by Raj Sharma on 12-05-2017, 02:47:22 »
SEO, SMO and SMM (Social Media Marketing) are the best ways to increase website traffic and improve ranking as well. Quality Content is one of the most important factor that we consider to improve website ranking. It is considered as a king in SEO process. So, it's necessary to write fresh and unique content in your blog and articles as well as on your website that help you to increase visibility in search results.
SEO Basics / Re: My visitors are not clicking adds
« Last post by Deepak1 on 12-05-2017, 02:45:54 »
One of the best ways to increase your AdSense click-through-rate, or CTR, is surprising:
Decrease the number of your ads on the page. If you’re not getting many clicks, you may want to pare down to a single ad and make it highly visible.
Other Social Networks / Re: Social Media Content Audit Steps
« Last post by Michealyardy on 12-05-2017, 00:47:39 »
    The first step in your audit is to compile all of the social media metrics you can to evaluate your overall results. These metrics include:

    Number of followers
    Video views
    Number of followers
    Post reach
    Number of mentions
Web Hosting / The introduction of BlueHost US server
« Last post by xiaolanzhuji on 12-05-2017, 00:43:08 »
The server whose computer room located in the United States is called as America server. In recent years, sales of America servers in the country is also growing, but users often feel confused for its various types. Please look at the following introduction to find more about BlueHost US server.
The configuration of BlueHost US server :
BlueHost US service only provides Linux system, but there are three different types of schemes under this system,including DS2, DS3 and DS4,which can meet the needs of different users. The specific schemes are as follows:
The advantages of BlueHost US server:
BlueHost US server has a lot of advantages.
1. Users do not need to do record, and it can be used once purchased, so it is very convenient.
2. BlueHost US server has developed a longer period of time , it has advanced technology. Meanwhile, there are adequate resources in the United States, so the price will be more cheap;
3. The United States is rich in bandwidth resources, although the United States room far away from the domestic, with large bandwidth, the access speed still can meet the needs of users ;
4.BlueHost United States room provides great technical support and services, and what BlueHost US servers used are well-known American computer rooms, which provide the most advanced systems, 24-hour monitoring 。
How to purchase BlueHost US server :
At present, there are two ways to purchase BlueHost servers in America. On the one hand, users can go to official website to purchase directly; On the other hand, users can use BlueHost coupons to get a 10% discount.
Above are introductions about BlueHost US server. BlueHost US server not only has a variety of schemes to meet different users, but also has many other advantages, it is also very cheap, so users can purchase safely.
SEO Basics / Re: What Is MMO Traffic ?
« Last post by sinelogixtech on 12-05-2017, 00:26:39 »
MMO Traffic offers unique, high converting campaign formats with a variety of choice, ranging from Links, display ads to widgets to integrated content in the look and feel of the affiliate’s websites.
Link Building / Re: what are some great link building websites?
« Last post by sinelogixtech on 12-05-2017, 00:07:11 »
Some forums have good impact on Link Building process:
 + Webmastersun
 + Quora
 + Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
SEO Basics / Re: How to improve my website ranking?
« Last post by Janvi Singh on 12-05-2017, 00:06:30 »
Firstly check those websites which are above from your website or which have high rank and then compare your website with them. Then you easily get why your website is fixed on that page and why it is not improving. Do all SEO activity properly as per search engine algorithm then you must get results.
SEO Basics / Re: What is Mobilegeddon In seo..?
« Last post by sinelogixtech on 12-05-2017, 00:04:04 »
Mobilegeddon is a name given by webmasters and web-developers to Google’s algorithm update of April 21, 2015. The main effect of this update is to give priority to the web sites that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices.
Individual pages can be tested for “mobile-friendliness” using the Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Google.
Link Building / Re: Article Submission
« Last post by aegisinfoways on 12-04-2017, 23:48:18 »
I don't think there's worthwhile remaining to writing and submitting articles link-building because almost every web page gives you a no adhere to back-link and we all know, what no-follow back-links carry us in conditions of SEO, nothing!
Link Building / Re: Contextual Link Building?
« Last post by aegisinfoways on 12-04-2017, 23:47:46 »
Contextual link-building is one of the latest ways of advertising your website. According to this process you can place weblink  in the content in such a way that a audience lured to simply just click it. This can be done by article marketing on writing and posting articles sites.
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