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Keywords / Re: Best Keywords Tools?
« Last post by CorneliaAlan on 12-09-2018, 22:20:22 »
I use Google's Keywords planner & Sem rush. you can try it out, it is just the best.
Directory Submission / Re: Always Choose Good Content For SEO
« Last post by EugeneHill on 12-09-2018, 22:11:43 »
There is no alternative to a good content. Good content is necessary for SEO, User Experience, Marketing, Sales, Engagement, and  other stuff. Actually content is the very backbone of the internet. We surf and we browse over the internet in a search of a desired content.

So I am 100% aligned with the cause/ purpose of the thread!
SEO Basics / Re: How to remove google suggested Keywords?
« Last post by John - Smith on 12-09-2018, 22:04:43 »
OP is not replying So we should not respond to this thread anymore.
GODLY DoFollow backlinks seem to be

  • Rediculously high Authoritative News sites (NY Times, Forbes, Guardian, etc.)
  • Super high-end niche blogs, (SEO Niche would be like Search Engine Land, SEJ, etc.)
  • Buying a syndicated Press Release and outputting amazing content with infographic and video embed that links to even more content that's amazing.
  • Make the Alpha Omega Compendium that shames Wikipedia and crushes your competitors content.

Sometimes you'll get somewhat relevant and accurate email addresses from the authority news site, but if not you have a lot of information gathering to do anyways and can probably pull it off or go scraping Linkedin and using the password reset tricks to get an Email guessing game to solve for the email.

What you're trying to do is build rapport with editors or if they are kingpin status, go 1-2 layers down suck up to those writers and get them to vouch for you. make a spreadsheet and store all your intel in an organized manner and remember, PEOPLE > Everything. You get a couple of powerful people in your pocket it's worth more than gold my friend.

If you make some nice content and want to get some nice News sites like ABC/Fox/Huffington to syndicate it goto a reasonable PR site. Some will try to burn you from 350-400+ for their big hitters, but $150 on should do the deed.

If you notice Wikipedia on the subject matter is outdated or weasel-worded to hell and back due to skirmishes between the top dogs in the race, just drop a nice 4k nuclear holocaust on em with infographics in depth amazing videos and never before seen field studies and eventually Google will bring you up in rank and people will start wheeling and dealing links or just linking to you outright.
One thing I have observed, at least with my personal experience is Google rewards people who update their content and add to it. Rightfully so, because one thing is for certain in order to get where I am today I have had to make quite a few mistakes.

I feel I spend a good portion of every day learning new things and perfecting my SEO just a little bit more than where it was the day before. As a result of learning new things, I often find more effective ways of doing things differently than I had previously been doing them.

Like, say for instance when I learned how to add Schema Markup with JSON and ensure that I was properly syndicating images and letting crawlers know of specific people mentioned in articles.

Because you learn something new, you should go touch up on articles with your newfound skills. I have increased my ranking on a few keywords I noticed I was getting lots of impressions and no clicks by adding . a Youtuve video or making a infographic and embedding it to the blog article. Hope that helps!
Facebook Discussions / Re: Facebook Page Deleted
« Last post by SeoDezin on 12-08-2018, 21:32:42 »
Spammers are very active on Facebook these days, therefore Facebook is taking strict actions about all those users that are violating Facebook Rules
It appears the Structured Data on your site looks to be being handled by Yoast. Essentially, it's sounding like certain pages on your site are being targeted by Google for the reasons specified and you'll need to adjust something to appease their demands to see what the crawlers are viewing in terms of Structured Data AKA Schema Markup use Google's data testing Tool. This is what your home page looks like:

So what you'll want to do is go to the pages in question and look at all the objects and determine which ones Google has issues with and modify them accordingly. You'll more than likely come to find you'll need to change something either in Yoast or one of your other plugins that is handling the markup for you.

Introduce yourself / Hello Members
« Last post by RanKumar on 12-08-2018, 13:32:00 »

Hello Members,

I am ran kumar I am the new member, Being a new member I am very excited about this seomastering forum, I am the newbie seo Executive. 

Introduce yourself / N
« Last post by Sandre88 on 12-08-2018, 09:18:58 »
Hello buddy,

Have a very good day! I"m a new to this community. I would like to say hello to all of you guys. I hope everyone here is doing well so far.

Thanks for your time!
I interpret Cross-Linking to be implemented in doing several different things, but there is two that immediately come to mind.

You're most likely aware, but if not, a site that is classified in Google's eyes as an "Orphan" refers to no links at all are pointing to it. So essentially if you have several web properties and you wish to link them all together, you would do it in this manner of cross-linking.

Naturally, if this is executed properly you would not have a bunch of orphan sites but rather a wheel of sites that are passing authority.

The other main reason you would possibly cross-link would be to use a site as a buffer if you were, for instance, linking questionable domains to your money site.
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