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Title: 8weeks, 150,000 views, page 1 Google, £3,700 without selling a thing!
Post by: HighPayingAdsense on 12-30-2016, 19:32:02
I have spent a lot of time understanding SEO and learning different techniques to rank on Google over 5 different websites but on only 1 of them I have had huge success. A received 1.5 million ad impressions, 150,000 views and 70,000 visitors in just 9 weeks which is unbelievable! :o :o

I've been using forums like this to understand different ways, but as much as people may hate them, I learnt the most from jvzoo.

This website is doing amazingly well all because of specific targeted, high paying keywords.

There is a link to the video ads system that I used towards the bottom of this post

So I decided to share my learning, success and the fact that this website is now generating me around £2,000 a week.

Please take a look at the website and help me if you would by sharing it. Really appreciate all the feedback and support you guys give here, it's your advice that makes us successful, so thank you!
 :) !-!