Best Link Directory for WordPress / URL Shortener

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Best Link Directory for WordPress / URL Shortener
« on: 06-13-2012, 17:18:03 »
I have found a couple of link directory from (BuddyPress Groups Directory Extras / Buddy Press Links) and

What I am looking for:
The ability to have the links something like:
Links: (or maybe - whichever is better for SEO.

  • Title - Only uppercase letters in the first  word - no complete uppercase (My Personal Blog - ok; MY PERSONAL BLOG - not OK
  • URL
  • Upload an image
  • Email when new link is posted
  • Registration - so the user can edit the post if needed.  Also would like the ability to have the user be able to post immediately without approval (but email is still sent.  Email is sent when changes are made
  • Post without Registration
  • Show hits today / show total hits / Average Hits
  • Last Updated
  • I am not charging for the service, but would like the ability to say "sponsor" so it the links will show at the top.
  • Maybe in the Admin section, also see what IP was used, ability to see stats on IP - this might need to be coded
  • Which is better to use  addthis / sharethis ?
  • When someone choose to share, either directory / link - the URL shortener is used

A couple of others
  • Perhaps when you go to the directory, you see a mini description - then when you drill down to the link, you see the complete listing.  I guess this would be easier to accomplish if there are two fields for the user to post - a mini description ( and a complete description (when you are on
  • Image is seen on both

I would also like to maybe incorporate the hashtag - so it is possible when they tweet, the default is set up something like: Blog #example ? And for the link Example Company #example 

The links would need to be approved - so when someone submits a link, an email is sent to me.  Another thought, if the person proves not to be a spammer, maybe allowed to sign in to enter the links - but I would still like to get the email.

I have a smaller domain name that I would like to be used for the URL shortener - so maybe when they Tweet, Share, etc.  I am thinking that it would be something like: (where d is the directory and 1 is the directory record number in the database) - so if the first directory is blog (where l is the link and 1 is the link record number in the database for the links

I have found yourls, one from Google, and a couple from Wordpress.  I don't know which one might be the best and which ones that I can control.  Hopefully you can recommend one and when a new directory / link is created, this database will be created as well.  No one else will have access to this.

By the way - I also saw Send on this forum - I am assuming that can be added as well?

So to recap - what would be the best directory for SEO / Social media with the above features?  And what else to recommend to help.  The directory has been around for about four years but I need to get it updated.

Thank you!

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Re: Best Link Directory for WordPress / URL Shortener
« Reply #1 on: 06-14-2012, 03:14:43 »
Nice, Informative post. Seem like you have very much experience in the field of search engine optimization.

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Re: Best Link Directory for WordPress / URL Shortener
« Reply #2 on: 06-14-2012, 13:18:36 »
Thanks - the directory has been up for a long time, but needs to be upgraded.  I would like to be able to upgrade it with (at least) all these features. 

I tried the DotNuke but I did not like it so I am hoping to get some advice from some experience SEO exports so hopefully the directory can easily be updated if updates are released. 

I guess another feature would be to automatically update the xml sitemap if possible

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Re: Best Link Directory for WordPress / URL Shortener
« Reply #3 on: 06-16-2012, 23:37:18 »
Well, thanks for the informative thread  ;D ;D


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