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Title: Blogging And Money
Post by: mr2299muslim on 03-14-2017, 13:39:23
Hello friends,

i wanted to clear some queries about blogging as i wanted to start a blog soon and wanted to understand the whole dynamics of monetizing it etc,

1. Im unclear on how the process works tbh, do we post ads  of products or webpages that are in coherence with our blog topic ourselves? or we are contacted by a company if our blog has many visitors per day

2. Does writing the blog in a particular way for example like in SEO terminology using adwordshelper or keywords to write an article boost the pages audience

3.How do we know which products to advertise on our blogs ? how do we know they want to be advertised in the first place?

Thanks alot
Title: Re: Blogging And Money
Post by: deekumar0203 on 05-21-2017, 23:31:44
There are many different ways of making money on tumblr. Generally there are CPA programs, amazon or ebay affiliate among others. however, tumblr does not like affiliate (specifically CPA) links. I have tried amazon affiliate links but have had limited success. (I suspect to use Amazon, you have to have niche blogs, and I don't know how much money you can make that way.) That leaves Adsense, myLikes, and Chacha. myLikes claims that their affiliates make tons of money but my experience is that they are not trustworthy and they suspend accounts for no reason. What I have success with are adsense and Chacha.

To use tumblr, you have to first understand there is a big difference between followers and visitors to your blogs. To make significantly amount of money from visitors, you have to have good organic google ranking.
Title: Re: Blogging And Money
Post by: arindamdutta16 on 08-01-2017, 06:40:59
Blogger is free blogging platform owned by Google. And the best part of Blogger is its completely free. As Well, it also provides free domain with extension blogspot. And you can also use your own custom domain with it. It’s extremely easy to setup and manage blogspot blog.
Title: Re: Blogging And Money
Post by: nancyv on 08-02-2017, 01:00:59
You need lots of work if you want to monetize your blog. Read at Google Adsense revenue to get all information...
Title: Re: Blogging And Money
Post by: arvind00557 on 08-02-2017, 04:09:00
first of all you need to choose a topic and write some quality articles on it…..for monetization you can apply for google adsense account which is easily approved if your blog is having healthy content in it….coming to placing ads that will be taken care by google just have to place the ad format ....depending on your content google will show ads.