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Title: Breadcrumbs hidden
Post by: seoIsEverything on 02-12-2016, 01:46:49

In my shop im showing 3 places, where the customer is currently located:

    Menu (.active/.current where they are. They cant see the subcategory)
    Sidebar-menu with all the parent/child categories(.active/.current where they are)

Is it bad for google SEO, if i use display: none(visibility: hidden, color: same as background, font-size:0 etc) to hide the breadcrumbs to the customer?

If a product is located in multiple categories, e.g.: x, y and z. If the customer comes from z, then the breadcrumbs will show x and therefor be incorrect.
I have made some adjustments, so the menu and sidebar-menu will show the correct .active/.current category, where breadcrumbs shows something totally different.