Detailed study report of Search Ranking Factors 2013 – Co-related Metric

Author Topic: Detailed study report of Search Ranking Factors 2013 – Co-related Metric  (Read 1083 times)

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We all are getting some return on our queries on Google Search, am I right? And most of webmasters are always keeping watch on that how we are getting such listed result because it is not just magic there are some algorithms for same and such algorithms are made based on some objectives of activities; however, these all decide your return result of searched query.

Every year Google took some steps for improving search result and we all webmasters are trying to get an idea run behind that so we can prepare how we should go ahead for getting out targeted domain in tops SERPS for targeted keywords.

Whenever we are searching for some terms on Google search in return we get some results. However, the points are that why some are on top 1 to 5 and why some are listing on 6 to 10 places. So, this is due to some co-relation factors.

So, let’s start to learn some detailed study of comparison of co-relation metrics which returns us search ranking factors!!!
Page level link metric Vs. domain level link metrics

What are page level link metric?

  • Page authority
  • Unique Cblock linking
  • Unique IP linking
  • Root domain linking
  • Sub domain linking
  • Cblocks with followed links
  • Unique IP with followed links
  • External links to page (inclusion of followed and nonfollowed)

What are domain level link metrics?

  • Unique domains with followed links to sub domains
  • Root domains linking to sub-domains
  • Sub-domains linking to Sub-domains
  • Domains authority

All study of the co-relation comparison reveled that high-ranking URLs are more highly correlated with page-level link metrics compare to other general domain-level link metrics.

The study shows that Page Authority is the most highly correlated metric in this year's study; moreover, making it one of the most decidedly associated SEO metrics that we have never observed till now.

Google was the first search engine to come up with a way to evaluate the power of a web page called page authority and how it is applicable to particular search phrases. Since then, others have come up with their own way to figure out the subject, reputation and common value of a web page, but major search engines in the U. S. declares use similar factors to position pages in their results.

On-page keyword usage vs. page-level anchor text

This study reveals the fact that correlation with on-page keyword usage now declined; however, page-level anchor text is still running with strong position.

In this comparison the result shows that external page and root domain page linking with partial as well as exact march keywords are on strong preferable for algorithms.

Social correlations vs. link metric correlations

Since last two years social metrics are on rock for gaining attention. However, comparing to linking g+ is leading more powerful for listing webpage on top 5 SERPs for search query.

This is an initiative by Google to make search more personal by including data from Google+ for logged in users. This includes bringing in personal results, profiles and other people into the search results. It means seeing results from your friends and your own results on Google+ along with the web results. if web

Finally, after doing the open poll questionnaires to some leading experts of the internet marketing expert we come out with the following result that strongly plays key role for yours understating of search ranking factors for 2013

So, this is all about co-related metric comparison for getting some approximate search ranking factor of this year. Hope, this will help you to make your strategy for getting top in SERPs for targeted keywords. if any body have any suggestion they can be share with this. we can discussed about this topics.


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