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Title: Directory submission
Post by: linavi390 on 09-21-2011, 00:51:39
I know all are concern about directory submission but still I like to share this with you all. Directory submission is a splendid idea when we are trying to promote our business online. Directory submission can make your web presence visible and make your possibility to come forward to the search engine. But directory submission is bit difficult and it takes more time. Directory submission works like an indexing system. So whenever you put your link in a directory its come along with the search engine. For submitting your link first of all you should make some good title for your website. Then most needed thing is making keywords for your directory submission. Try to include as much key words as you can related to your website. And be informative with your description on the directory submission. Hope this may make more online presence on search engine. Thanks and please feel free to share your thought and idea about directory submission.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: seo-expert on 09-22-2011, 12:37:13
Try to search do follow directory submission sites which will give you quality backlinks.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: John23 on 09-23-2011, 00:40:16
Nowadays directory submission has become an obligatory thing to do for all site holders. This is because the technique acts like a referral method for the business. Amplified referrals lead to elevated web traffic and an upper search engine page position.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: Johan68 on 09-23-2011, 13:14:28
I have found success in paid directories, but I prefer affordable ones.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: prcys on 09-26-2011, 03:49:51
Before sometime directory submission consider as effective method in seo. It is the method by which one can make his website more popular in less days. But now a days it is not so beneficial for getting better result with seo. But it is also true that if one do submission in high pr and authority directories , then he can get many quality backlinks which can be helpful for our site.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: Bravoman1 on 09-26-2011, 13:58:44
All directory submission is a back bone of a seo campaing whereby you can include your anchor text keyword in the directory to help your serps with the given keyword.  DS by itself, does not have an impact on serps, you have to incorporate other methods of seo.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: coniefox on 09-26-2011, 21:37:40
I also have directory submission, but now the effect is not obvious, maybe it need period of time.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: Monikacis on 09-29-2011, 06:51:32
Directory submission give late results in serp, but give backlinks for long time, so its really effective.

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Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: takeshiro on 09-29-2011, 08:10:49
yeah, i guess you could say that..
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: semwinner on 09-29-2011, 23:05:31
yes, directory submission is really a good way to go. i have used it for so long time.
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Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: taniasharma on 09-30-2011, 00:15:46
Directories are a kind of website which are used to store businesses and their information like telephone directory, just like that these are business directories. In telephone directory you can find any number by name. Same here, you can find any business and information about business. In these directories, businesses are listed in relevant categories.

Main benefits of Directory submission:

* You get back links from directories to promote your website.
* These link are permanent and are not deleted if you are paying continuously.
* Directories provide relevant and thematic links.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: andrewjohn on 04-07-2012, 01:08:23
Directory submission is very good way to get back links for your websites.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: stevensmith on 04-25-2012, 01:55:07
Thank you so much for sharing submission is the very good way to getting back links and very good traffic for the site.but submit your link on the high pr site ti get better result for you.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: TM-Ali on 04-26-2012, 01:47:27
Directory Submission:

Use Auto-fill to save time
Select Right Category to make it more effective
Don't Submit in 0 PR Directory
Submit Your Link in instant approve directory
Submit with Proper Title, URL & Description
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: webtrafficassistant on 04-26-2012, 06:36:16
Directory submission is the best way for increasing traffic on your site and improving your website Rank. Yes it's true it's tacking time but according to me it's more then better compare to  paid Directory submission.

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Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: pawancarrot on 04-27-2012, 03:40:00
Yes directory submission is a good technique to gettin a backlinks. and back links has the importance in page rank.

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Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: sigma-sem on 04-27-2012, 05:07:50
I like to do directory submission. It is good for SEO of a site. Now day it is very important .w.r.t SERPS.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: aamyasharma on 04-27-2012, 05:44:43
Directory Submission With High pr Is very Usefull to Increase sites trafiic ..
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: kelly on 04-27-2012, 22:52:45
directories are basic and very effective strategy to build links or making the site visible.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: sebastian on 04-29-2012, 23:53:38
For business owner’s to promote a website in internet market directory submission is the best option. It provides a way to create a link’s to move traffic to your website. It will help to improve your rank in search Engine.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: pinnaclewebsolutions on 04-30-2012, 00:33:04
The basic aim of directory submission is to create one way links to a website. This in turn generates more traffic flow towards your website and improves the search engine rankings. This method is perhaps the best suitable and affordable option of search engine optimization. It offers huge opportunities to promote a business online. In fact, directory submissions are the most essential factor to consider while developing marketing strategies of your business.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: seolinkcreation on 05-09-2012, 11:25:38
Submit your current directory to the obligation to all site owners, it had recommended approaches to the business, such as technology, because the role. Recommended amplification of the high web traffic and leads to higher search engine page position.
Title: Re: Directory submission
Post by: ring2012 on 05-10-2012, 01:35:42
Directories take too much time to do that, because the administrator need to check the link, it is troublesome.