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Domain name: Age matter

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Before you consider buying a new domain name, it is important for you to remember the older your domain name is the more value it will carry with search engines therefore it is important for one to keep the older domain. Try not to keep the older domain idle.

this is very true but only if it's actually been used and had content. If it's been parked or just sits idle the extra age carries negligible value  8)

@AK47 - agreed that it needs to have google history i.e. indexed pages but I'm still pretty sure than an old domain has soom boosting factors to it!

Many people worry too much about the number of links, they completely forget that this plays a very solid role in the seo of the website. It can determine how google ranks your website.

Yeah I agree it is a good thing to keep older websites but it is also important to work on this websites and keep updating the content as SEs love it.


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