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Whether you run an online business selling products, or an information site, you can't be successful without visitors. People need to see your site, all the time! Why waste money on unpredictable banner ads or expensive search engine inclusion programs when you can buy guaranteed, targeted visitors at an affordable rate?Scroll Down To Order!
Plain & Simple
Why We Are Different

    We sell website traffic so unexpensive that all the other traffic sites are just reselling our services at prices 10 to 15 times higher.

    No more wasted advertising dollars! When you buy website traffic from us you get to choose from over 20 different categories!

    All website traffic are real people interested in your product or service.

    Every single visitor will be from a unique address and you will never get the same visitor twice.

    If you ever have a question about anything we will always answer your question within 24 hours. We are not only your emarketing firm we are your partner and want to see you succeed
5000 -- $40


BELOW ARE THE F.A.Q's for Website Traffic. If any of your questions are not answered in FAQ's there is a contact form at the bottom of the page to fill out so we can answer your questions



How does this all work?

Your website is shown in a full-screen popunder window on websites in our publisher network. When someone visits one of our network sites in the category you chose, we send that visitor to your site. The window will automatically adjust itself to fit the viewer's maximum screen resolution. We never send you traffic from autosurf programs, mini popups, or scripts like other companies.

How is traffic targeted?

Each website in our publisher network is categorized according to the topics of content on that site. For example, a website with commentary on basketball games is classified under sports. You can choose a topic category to target with your campaign, and we'll only send visitors to your site which were browsing one of the sites in our network that matches that topic category. This way you'll receive targeted visitors with an interest in the topic you chose.

How are your prices so low?

Volume! We deal with so much traffic that we can keep our prices low and save you money. Not only that, but our traffic is high quality popunder traffic from a network of publisher sites. There are many resellers out there with prices up to 10 times ours. Why? Because they're buying from us!

Do you spam to generate visitors?

No, the traffic we send you is 100% full-screen popunders shown on our publisher network, run by independent webmasters that have opted to show our popunders for a portion of the ad revenue. We are not involved with any malware, desktop software or spam advertising so you can rest assured your business will not be associated with any of that.

What is a popunder?

A popunder is like a popup, except that it loads underneath the current page rather than over it. This type of advertising generates a better response because it is less intrusive to the visitor. Also, our popunder windows automatically adjust to fit themselves to the viewer's maximum screen resolution, so your site is always shown in a full-screen browser window.

What if a visitors has a pop-up blocker?

If a visitor has a popup blocker, our tracking code will not execute and the visit will not be counted against any advertiser. You will never pay for a visitor with a popup blocker since no site was displayed to that visitor.

Is your traffic unique?

Yes it is. You will not receive the same visitor from us more than once in a 24 hour period. Someone who's visited your site can return as many times as you want, but it will only count as one visit on your campaign.

Do you offer statistics?

We send our clients a weekly email to update them on how great their campaign is going.

How long does it take to get started?

Your campaign will begin within 2 business days of receiving your order


Why does my hit counter not match your stats?

It is impossible to accurately record every visit to a website from the receiving end. There are many reasons a visit can take place but not end up in your report:

    The user cancels out the window before your site has loaded
    The user is on a slow connection and the request timed out
    The page had loaded but the visitor clicked a link or left before your tracking code was loaded
    The user is behind an ISP with a proxy (such as AOL and MSN users)
    The user's browser served the page from its cache instead of requesting from your server
    The ISP served the page from its cache instead of requesting from your server (common in corporate networks)
    Your tracking software was unavailable or slow at the time of the visit
    Your tracking software could not handle the large amount of traffic at once

There are also delay issues with many web stats reports. Google Analytics is known for undercounting traffic and being up to a day delayed in its reporting.
Server access logs are the most accurate source of stats. Most web hosts run a program such as Webalizer, Awstats or Urchin which create reports based on these access logs. They are generally run once a day, so the reports are up to 24 hours behind. The counts you see in your Visitor Boost account will be real-time and include the current day where the reports from your host would not include visits from the current day.

IMPORTANT: We review every website for qualification before we can set up a campaign.

***All websites using these services should contain
at least 95% English language content
as well as meet all other terms of service listed below***

    No Popups - Your site cannot generate popup windows of ANY kind.
    No Framebreaking Code - your site must not break out of frames. (eBay store URLs are framebreakers.)
    No sounds of ANY kind are allowed, including music, background sounds or flash sounds.
    No rotators or re-directors
    No Adult or Illegal content is allowed!
    Your site must be legal in the United States

PLEASE NOTE: It is normal for your campaign to begin slowly and accelerate over time. Also, our system automatically throttles traffic to maximize your results so there may be periods during which your traffic stops.


Completed Campaigns: When your campaign is completed you will receive an automated email notifying you that your campaign is completed. Campaign stats are removed approximately 3-5 days after the campaign has been completed.


Frozen Campaigns: If you receive an automated email letting you know that your campaign has been Frozen (Paused or Stopped), then there is something wrong with your campaign. You need to fix the problem and get it approved before you UnFreeze or Restart your campaign. TOS Violations (see below) will not be replaced or restarted.


Violation of Terms of Service (TOS): Any traffic campaign in violaton of the TOS will be stopped and terminated. The violation of the TOS will appear in place of the url. Violation of the TOS results in loss of credits and termination of the traffic campaign with no refund. Some examples of TOS Violation are sound on page, any kind of pop window, framebreaker sites such as most "hop" url sites, eBayStores, Adult Content, etc.

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send me ur email id


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