Changes In The Search Engine Results Pages

Author Topic: Changes In The Search Engine Results Pages  (Read 8283 times)

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Changes In The Search Engine Results Pages
« on: 04-20-2010, 18:33:47 »
Good day! I've been thinking about this for some time; the future changes in the search engine results pages. The thought came about after a search I did that I knew needed to show me results from forums. Why? Well the particular search I did was related to a web development question and from my experience most of the answers are found in either forums or blog articles.

So what's the future of the search results pages? As it stands, the major search engines are compacting more and more information into their search results pages. Recently Google added real time search results, live tweets from Twitter, hot news articles and the like - we see images for image results, videos for video results and Google map results.

Will the future of the search results pages be organized based on website type?

The following is what I'm alluding to - for instance for a search on php date script we could find the search results displaying the following:

*--- sponsored results ---*
Recent Historical Results
Forum Results
Blog Results
Article Results
News Results
Video Results (tutorials)
Online Store Results (purchase scripts)
*--- pagination ---*

Then the user could click on one of the above titles and the associated search results could then dynamically be displayed or even dynamically be searched again and bring results.

With respect to my search for the php script I would definitely click on the Forum Results (which then would dynamically display new results from forums).

In my opinion, breaking down a user's search results into clear categories cleans up the search results pages helps find the information I'm looking for in places that I would safely assume I would find it.

Have you had some ideas sitting in the back of your mind with respect to different ways the search engine results pages can be enhanced or will be in the future?

I'm in no way asking Google to change the way they display their search results but I strongly believe the major search engines are always changing, always looking for ways to enhance the user experience and bring to the user exactly what they are searching for in the least amount of time - without having to always sift through the rift-raft.

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Re: Changes In The Search Engine Results Pages
« Reply #1 on: 04-20-2010, 18:35:01 »
I would just like it if Google (and the rest) would use the age of the page as a ranking criteria. How many times have you searched for something like coldfusion, or php, or whatever and the first results up are like 10 years old? I go searching for "how to do something in coldfusion 8" and get results from CF4 for crying out loud.

BUT back to your topic, when I do Yahoo searches on my celphone I get exactly what you are talking about. It starts with graphics with a couple of pictures, goes to websites etc etc. So your idea is already here and I think all search engines will start classifying them by type. After all, if I want an article about ColdFusion I can skip over all the graphics of the antarctica.

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Re: Changes In The Search Engine Results Pages
« Reply #2 on: 05-01-2010, 03:51:57 »
Google's sponsered results search is getting out of hand, they advertise a bit irrelevent sites but that pay for results which dumbs down their search engine a bit.


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