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Hi all. I'm working in SEO for 5 years already. In order to help newbies or experienced I wanna start this topic.

I'm lucky to answer your personal questions about seo promotion, social marketing, seo tools, link-building etc
Try to ask shortly but meaningful, add link to your website for analysis.

Please, don't ask me just to make full analysis, concrete questions are welcome

Will try to answer asap, order by asking time.

Is it possible to do seo of a keyword which is related to webmaster niche, if I do only forum posting?


--- Quote from: maryp on 03-18-2013, 08:26:14 ---Is it possible to do seo of a keyword which is related to webmaster niche, if I do only forum posting?

--- End quote ---
It depends on what you mean under SEO

Forum posting can be valuable only in case of useful and smart posts. This may give you good traffic and real clients - this is what i call "seo"
It's not worth to leave spam links anywhere. Only clickable links preferred!

If we take your link in profile on current forum I can call it useful for auditory. Search Engines will do the same.

For keyword(anchor) work i'll better buy article in related niche.

No more questions?


--- Quote from: blackdress on 03-21-2013, 03:10:50 ---Which anchor schemes is now useful in your opinion?

--- End quote ---

What do you mean under schemes - structure of any independent anchor or the whole plan of backlinks increase?

Anyway I watch opponents "schemes" in the niche first.
Better do the same anchor list as the leaders do. But need to know what opponent can be taken for the "leader". You are to ignore vital sites, forums, domains with incredible age and so on in most cases.
On other hand you are better to make a big variety of anchors to show them as natural.

For the structure: ideally you use the name of brand or URL as anchor and set wanted keywords around it. Put the construction into one passage(rounded with . , : ! ?)


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