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Google PR Updated - June 2010

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Hey guys

just noticed some of my sites have updated their PR. someone gone from 0 to 3. others gone down too. Anyone else experiencing the PR swing. I also got movement in my SERPS the week before ???

Comments people ?


Didn't you hear PR doesn't effect SEO or SERPS, so why have you posted this thread ????

Are you a PR noob or something ... oh oh, my PR has gone down, I'm not worthy no more,, please Mr Google, give some more of that green ....

come on guys get a grip!

SEO Workgroup:
No there is no any PR updates from Google this time I think.

PR not updated but I saw changes in my website rankings in SERP.......... !-! backward links increased from 8 to 26.....

It seems that there is no any update. No one my site has been changed.
From where this info about PR update? Is it joke?


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