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Hey guys logged in today to say all my big earners returning very little income I thought it might have been a random blip, but when I looked at the impressions and traffic I saw it had dropped. Some of these sites were really old and had been getting top traffic for a couple of years.

Anyway, I noticed my rankings had dropped. I checked up to page 20 and they were no where to be seen ? Should I be worried ? Is this all due to Google recent algo changes ? will my rankings pop back up in the next few weeks. Man this has got me really worried!

Yeah i've noticed some flucuations recently too but mainly good ones. Seems like you may have been penalised and I've been promoted. I read on Matt Cutts blog that the changes we're seeing are permanent and part of the new algo. Hence this aint no google dance that's for sure and you may need to take another look at why you've lost so much ground.

I wish you luck with it  ???

ive noticed it too  :(

Yeah Matt Cutts mentioned a massive algo change in the new year. It's separate to the Caffiene update and apparently it's no google dance. If you've seen your rankings drop they won't randomly pop back into place either. So get working on your SEO, build those links and create more content.


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