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Title: Help me for my site
Post by: sudeshna on 07-29-2016, 05:42:37

This is something serious.I need help.I have my site- www dot redappletech dot com
which is malnly an app & game development company- We are located in kolkata,and have branches in Delhi and Germany.

I am working with the following keywords:
mobile app development company
android application development company
mobile game development
HTML5 game development
mobile app developers
iOS app development company

The problem is these keywords are not in rank ,not even in

I want to get ranking in

The on page is optimized properly. ???

I am doing the following things-
1. classified(in india+australia+uk)
2. Business listing(same)
3.image submission(flickr,photobucket,instagram,pininterst etc.)
4.guest blog( monthly 2)
5. press release(monthly 1)
6. article (weekly 1) submission(monthly 1)
8.ppt,pdf(twice monthly) posting
11. directory(weekly 10)
12. backlink analysis of competitors and trying to submit on those links.
13. blog post(monthly 2)
14. in house blog post.

What else can I do?I am in a bad condition,working for two months but rank is not coming.
i want ranking(within top 10)in,,

Please help
Title: Re: Help me for my site
Post by: sudeshna on 07-31-2016, 23:44:27
please help