Website not found in search engine...?

Author Topic: Website not found in search engine...?  (Read 1873 times)

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Website not found in search engine...?
« on: 12-12-2016, 23:04:37 »
I have Two websites for seo, niche same, seo activities are same, both are .com domains, but one keywords are one the top and other one not showing in google search after 3 months time period? what its cause?

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Re: Website not found in search engine...?
« Reply #1 on: 12-16-2016, 23:04:36 »
There are many reasons why a website ranking is reduced and it is difficult to detect and understand why our website demoted. Here is a list of common reasons that you are relegated website. If special attention to the quality guidelines can you reduce the portion of Google penalty.

1. Google frequently changing search ranking algorithms.
With the purpose of improving the overall quality of search results, and to remove the website using optimization techniques illegal (black hat SEO), Google constantly changes the method used to rank webpage. In the past few years, Google has frequently change the algorithms, while Bing and Yahoo, it almost tends to be little changed and refined as Google.

Whenever Google ranking algorithm changes, the current site may be declining ranking, the ranking drop can happen slowly or it can occur unexpectedly when the change Google has a special influence on your site.

If your site was relegated by the algorithm change, but you believe that you are in compliance with the rules of Google, you can ask Google to review your site and then follow the instructions of Google to help your website become more powerful in case you violate Google's ranking rules.
2. Lost PageRank or link popularity of low
Each backlink is considered as a vote for your website to TOP. One or more links to your site will help improve your site's PageRank to more powerful. However, if one of these links are removed, deleted or moved to another site will make your website look weak.

In recent years, Google has begun to reduce or completely negate the value of PageRank of sites with low quality links, and links that Google thinks unnatural.
The loss of associated value will cause a significant decrease in the search rankings, and can even lead to Google Penguin penalty if you deliberately build links contradictory and without value to readers.
3. Malware or hаcking

If your site contains malware, Google will warn users when they click on your site in the search results before sending them to your website. If this happens often likely Google will demote your site to ensure the site provides really useful and not harmful to the user.
4. Google penalty (Google Penalty)
Nowadays, not only the penalty based on the auto index, Google also directly implement measures to punish craft some violations of website owners. Some causes of penalties include:
Hidden content (text hidden)

Hidden text is an old trick can still undetected by the search engines for a long time, but often detected at some point. All measures deliberately hidden text such as: Intentionally keyword font color similar to the background color web page, use CSS to hide an illicit content or keywords deliberately. You will be Google "kill"
Buying and selling links

Google has always actively penalizing sites participating in affiliate trading programs. So if you are involved in a system of buying and selling links, can the internal pages on your site will no longer be rated as before.
Tips for you if you have paid for a link or ad on your site, make sure that all the links that have attribute rel = "nofollow", doing so will cause your link itself However more and avoid Google's penalties
Poor content, poor quality

Google always appreciate quality content, therefore if your website little information or no information exists primarily to cater to other forms of advertising, or website copy content from other places, the pages web has a wealth of information at Google will be fined.
Currently Google is reducing ranking sites with large amounts of duplicate content ratio, copy ... All these are aimed at improving the user experience in the search results.
Generally, you try to build the site with rich content, fresh, useful. The article provides information to reproduce, copy or citation from another site should be reduced to a minimum, or if you can now stop all forms of copy to copy.
There are too many domains at the same site use

It is considered as one of the classic mistakes of the new SEOer. Too many domains pointing to the same site will cause Google to enable a penalty to purify the site containing duplicate content. And because of duplicate content makes your website Google is fine.
If you have multiple domains, you can use form 301 redirect subdomains with 1 point on the primary domain for the purpose of avoiding duplicate content when using the same site in different domains
Create multiple sites to crossover backlink

The fact that we are completely SEOer are entitled to exchange links with each other. But when we made too many cross-linking may cause Google to consider it a "program" link you tried to create to increase your website ranking.
You have multiple domains, you can create a website for the exchange of cross together, but remember everything in moderation ... you should be able to exchange a few links in the article as appropriate, but can not through links of all pages on your site.
Links to web pages or sites received bad

Make sure any site you link has always been a prestigious site. Because if you are getting links or links that point to bad sites or poor quality will be Google underestimated, and even going to punish you.
You can use additional attributes rel = "nofollow" on links to web pages or sites received bad.
Link exchange too much

Well, of course I recommend you exchange links with each other and Google also encourages it, but I also want you to know that you need to really be careful when choosing the sites to exchange links. Try to select quality websites to swap.
If you tried to exchange links, this will make your website inadvertently violate spam link algorithms to manipulate search results on Google.
5. Card faulty Canonicalization
Canonical is booked against duplicate content, use the rel = "canonical" in case you see on our website have duplicate content.
6. Lost link
Google Spider activity based primarily on the links, therefore if your site takes away the old links will influence the process of gathering data for Google, because when one of your links lost, the Google bots can not collect the signal to your site, and of course this will make you fell TOP each time.
7. Host matter

If Google is having trouble accessing your site, Google will operate Spider slow or take a long time to update the information from your site. If this error occurs frequently or for too long, Google might remove your results over time.
Tips for you in this case that is try to choose a reputable supplier sever good service quality and operational stability.
8. Issues robots.txt file
This area is not for those you do not understand web programming. Your robots.txt file might prevent search engines to give up some or all of the pages of your site. To check and review the activities robots.txt file is good or not? Please use the "Fetch as Googlebot" in Webmaster Tools, you can temporarily understand this stuff check Googlebots function when collecting data on the link (URL) of difficulty you have anything? If faulty alarm system Google will not find your path.
9. Duplicate Content
It would be hard to accept a pay site content copied from another person stood TOP early is not it? Google as well as users, they need to know the information quality and accuracy with clear origin.
If you copy the contents of other people you will have difficulty in getting up TOP, even copying the content will cause your site to lose the prestige and influence the process of ranking websites in the future.
Most dangerously, if the author wrote discovered you copied content, they can request to Google DMCA removal (removal of the article copy results on Google search results)

The above are some reasons why your website on Google relegated, I am very eager to get the comments from you to get complete information and more accurate.


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