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Title: How Search Engines finds Spam?
Post by: indiaseos on 03-07-2013, 23:23:23
One of the most significant subjects in SEO is online look for search engine Junk, also known as spam listing. Lengthy ago, and by this I mean several years ago, it was possible to force just about any page into a top 10 position with a mixture of techniques. Those days are for many years past and the google themselves are very competitive in fighting this kind of chicanery as attractive as it may be to try to mislead the google, your customer's site either connected anywhere in the positions or it doesn't. Provided that you stick to truly appropriate also focused keywords and don't take on awful sites, you should find it entirely needless to spam the online look.

Every search engine has its own recommendations, but they all steam down to the same thing do not try to technique our users or us. This is essential to a look for engine's success and they'll encourage severe charges on websites that transgress this simple concept. Search engine spam and junk can be split up into one or two wide groups. I have never met anyone who had any trouble understanding the difference among common online look for optimizations and spam.
by indiaseos
Title: Re: How Search Engines finds Spam?
Post by: ellishgibbons on 03-08-2013, 02:44:58
The are so many potential spam pages on the Internet that search engines cannot identify all spam pages manually. To identify potential spam pages, search engines might manually label some web pages as spam and then take information from that pages to find other spam pages.
For example, a web page that uses keyword stuffing has more keywords than a legitimate page. By training the spam detection algorithm with a few web pages that use keyword stuffing, other web pages that use keyword stuffing can be detected automatically.
Title: Re: How Search Engines finds Spam?
Post by: maryp on 03-08-2013, 04:52:48
There are many things to determine spam pages or spam sites, Google has mathematical algorithm which is used to find spam related pages, one of them is neighborhood, which would tell if they are linking to spam related sites...