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Title: How to Boost Website's Ranking via Content Management
Post by: Rohit08 on 02-20-2016, 02:33:19
Hi Buddies, I like to get the details improve the website's ranking through content management, anyone can provide me the list of activities to be done.
Title: Re: How to Boost Website's Ranking via Content Management
Post by: stompinhere on 02-20-2016, 03:22:39
Well I have mainly directory sites and its hard not to have duplicate content because they are geographical pages.

Meta tags should have some of the keywords that are related to the page and the content.
I have pages with 5-600 words related to the page subject that trail on page 5 on Google but other pages that have fairly unique content but only a sentence or a paragraph are on the first page or even number one.

I have even noticed that pages with no on page content are on page 1 of google albeit they have listings(links to businesses on the directory).

Spend time on analysing the subject and make a well written paragraph or 2 and add a bit at a time, I use 'whatsmyserp' to track my page/keyword positions, Its ok for free.
Don't over do the content and keywords but study what could be unique to that subject like my sites being a geographical I look into the history of a town and what they might call the locals lets say Liverpool so they are scousers/liverpudlians then I put that in and that city has some history I spin a little to make it unique to my page.

Don't rush it and make it spammy or you will be going back over it, spinners can help find alternative words but don't use them to spin somebody elses content.