How to optimize breadcrumb navigation

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How to optimize breadcrumb navigation
« on: 02-06-2018, 01:02:18 »
  How to optimize breadcrumb navigation?

  With the continuous adjustment of the search engine algorithm, the website optimization scheme is constantly changing, considering the optimization work in the late stage of the website, ignoring the construction in front of the station can not optimize a website.

  The website‘s early construction and later website optimization have been closely combined, which can maximize the website ranking and bring the natural flow of the website.

  Here I share with you a classic plan for website optimization: breadcrumb navigation.

  Breadcrumb navigation ACTS as a classic optimization scheme in website optimization, especially its role, such as the construction of electronic nameplate website, using breadcrumb navigation, the main function is:

  1. In order to enable users to clearly browse the page location while browsing the website, it is convenient for users to return to the upper level menu, which is in line with the user experience;

  2. From the perspective of website optimization, the design idea that conforms to the user experience is conducive to the optimization of the website, as well as the ranking of certain keywords.

  Bread crumbs navigation (BreadcrumbNavigation) this concept comes from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, walking through the forest when Hansel and Gretel, accidentally lost, but they found along the way through and the bread crumbs, let the bread crumbs to help them find the way home, so the bread crumbs navigation role is to tell visitors to their current position in the website and how to return.

  Breadcrumb navigation is a flattening of the tree structure, can be the most straightforward display site structure, this both for users to browse and search engine crawl is very favorable.

  For small sites such as our electronic nameplate, bread crumbs navigation can be better will be the weight of website main keywords lock on the front page, to facilitate electronic nameplate enterprise website weight concentration.

  There are three types of breadcrumb navigation:

  1. Path type: path breadcrumb is a dynamic display of the user’s access to the page;

  2. Position type: the position type bread crumbs are fixed, showing the position of the page in the website structure;

  3. Attribute type: the classification information of the current page given by the attribute bread crumbs.

  Breadcrumb navigation in the bottom of the navigation, generally in the form of general for the front page of the directory name “secondary directory name, current position, as far as possible to the level of the breadcrumb navigation control within the four layers, so that is good and the search engine spiders climbed down, layers below four layers is difficult to climb.

  So on the electronic nameplate website bread crumbs I try to keep it in three layers, generally not more than four.

  For the electronic nameplate enterprise website, the structure of internal links is very important.

  Like the pyramids, the first tier of pages should collectively support their top level.

  So breadcrumb navigation should focus on the level of the site rather than browsing history.

  In addition to levels, breadcrumb navigation may also display attribute labels.

  So what do you notice about breadcrumb navigation?

  From the design of the electronic nameplate enterprise station, the following points are summarized:

  1. Use text for links to breadcrumbs. Do not use images or JS.

  2. As far as possible, the word ”homepage“ can be changed into the name of the website, and the details should be paid attention to.

  3. The breadcrumb navigation is not the most important part of SEO, but it also has its role. SEO is to do the details, and whoever catches the details will catch the ranking.

  Adding breadcrumb navigation is essential, and breadcrumb navigation is great for user experience (UEO) to help users navigate and jump quickly.

  Breadcrumb navigation is also great for search engines (SEO), which can help make quick fixes and jumps.

  So, adding breadcrumb navigation to your site is very good for UEO and SEO.

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Re: How to optimize breadcrumb navigation
« Reply #1 on: 02-06-2018, 22:04:22 »
Breadcrumbs are an important part of optimizing user navigation on our website. You have detailed everything great! Just one thing, be precise with your formatting so forum member's readability is improved  !-!

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Re: How to optimize breadcrumb navigation
« Reply #2 on: 02-07-2018, 04:17:48 »
Bread crumbs are very helpful to the users. They help the users to not only trace their path, but also to visit similar pages and dig deeper into the site. This helps minimize negative factors such as bounce rates of your site, resulting in positive optimization.

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Re: How to optimize breadcrumb navigation
« Reply #3 on: 10-21-2019, 05:47:15 »
Use breadcrumbs only when they help users; SEO is an additional benefit.
Use bread crumbs at the top of your webpage.
If you use them on one page, use them across the website.
Start from your Home page, and degrade step-by-step to the current page.
Don't link to the current page.


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