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Title: Is Dedicated IP better for SEO?
Post by: beatman on 07-16-2016, 09:53:43
Hello there,

Recently a SEO consultant have approached me pointing out some issues on one of my customers' website, which I've developed
and it is hosted on my server account.
Here it is: I have a 1&1 Unlimited account package, which allows me create unlimited folders on my webspace
so I can host how many websites I want.

Fact 1: The IP is the same for all the websites that are hosted on my server.

This consultant told me that:

1) As my customer website doesn't have its own IP, the accesses to his website are not being accounted, i.e: all the access to
his website only counts/add up to the main IP of the host server.


NOTE: On my main control panel, I can perfectly generate reports (1&1 Site Analytics) of visitors (visitors numbers, behaviour,
page analysis, browsers and systems, etc etc!) for this client's specific URL. Moreover, I can do it for all the other domains I host,

2) He told me also that my customer needs to have his OWN server, with his own IP.
Why is that? Does it makes sense?

3) I have redirected the page index.html (using window.location.href=''...") to a subfolder (
He told me this also jeopardizes the SEO process, that redirections are not good.

Well, so far, so good: thanks in advance and I hope someone can help me out.