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Is Keyword Based backlinks Still Matter?

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In the age of Penguin is there any significant effect on search results, by having links with the anchor texts with target keywords? Looking for expert answer.

Yes keywords with backlinks help to rank them higher in Google and also drive good traffic to your website from various external webpages.

Google still uses anchor text ad a ranking factor. They are just looking those to be varied.

For example, if you are creating backlinks for the keyword 'Dentist', you'll want the anchor text to vary 'Los Angeles Dentist' 'Dentist in Los Angeles' 'Los Angeles Dental Expert' 'LA Dentist' You can also use the actual URL as an anchor.

It's all strategy.  :)

Keyword ranking play a very effective role in seo. IN 2014–15 most of webmaster was focused on site home page and they try to create link for only home page and normally inter link to all pages. In this way, they divide the rank juice to every pages. But In 2016 google totally changed their algorithm. Now google give priority to all web pages as same. For example

In your website have 5 pages like :- home page, about us page, service page, blog page and contact us page. Than you have to create link building for every page.

And now we talk about keyword ranking.

Search any keyword in google and see to every result of the google very carefully. Than you will found the most of result google will show you a single page website or a blog post in the top 5 to 10 results. let us see one more example :-

suppose you have one website related sports material. And you supply lot of items in the market. You have lot of keyword according your site and you want to show all of your keyword in google 10 results. Think what you do ?

Than you will target 3 to 4 relevant keywords on one page and then try to write useful content according to your keyword. After that you can use LSI keywords in your content and use your main keywords for interlinking and Alt attribute. In This way you can do all work for keyword.

And the other hand, some use 30 to 40 different keywords for one single page and optimize site for search engine. Than Think what happen ?

Answer :- You will confuse to google. Google will divide his attention into 30 keywords. And the reason you will never reach first page of the google results.

In this way, You will be understand what is the importance of keyword ranking.

Keyword based back links still important but if you over optimize your keywords, and then you might be penalized by Google.

Therefore, you have to use keyword variation and when you post any long or short content then you must check keyword density. 
If you see keyword density is greater than much more than normal, then you have to control it.

You can get help from Google Keyword Planner for creating keyword variation and also there are several websites where you can get lots of keyword ideas. Sometimes I use latent semantic indexing keywords.


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