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Is Keyword stuffing in Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Heading Tags affect the google ranki

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Hello Everyone,
Can any one tell me that keyword stuffing is beneficial for google ranking ?

Sheldon Mooze:
Hello Makoo,

In my experience, yes!

Using exact match target keyword with high competition helps you rank higher on the SERP.
I guess we don't have any other option as there is such a cut throat competition in ranking that we have to stuff the meats with keywords.

Katherine Parker:

--- Quote from: makoo on 12-08-2021, 07:22:39 ---Hello Everyone,
Can any one tell me that keyword stuffing is beneficial for google ranking ?

--- End quote ---

So far we’ve settled that keyword stuffing isn’t going to have the decisive say in your web page’s search rankings, but keyword optimization will. So, let’s once again see what advice Google has to offer on the topic: “Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.”

Evidently, keywords still need to be used, so don’t let all this talk scare you to the point that you decide not to use enough keywords in your content. They need to be used but moderately. As a rule of thumb, write for people, not robots! I can’t stress this enough.

The recent BERT algorithm update saw the search giant once again shift its focus to content created for human readers, not search bots. So, if you’re thinking that Google will eventually go back to its old ways, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Now, on to the main point. If you want to get a page to rank high for a specific keyword, optimize the page for that keyword instead of ‘stuffing’ it into your copy. The trick is using the keyword where it matters most for search engines, while keeping the text natural and valuable to readers.

Stuffing keywords will never be good for anyone. If anyone is doing it, when the update will roll out it will impact it.

Meta Title: It is one of the most important meta tags. This is the text that you'll see at the top of your browser. When you give a title to your page in <head> that means you are giving a meta Title. When you search for a particular query in the search engine, the pages you See in SERP are the Meta titles of every page. This is very important to Standout in SERP. Relevant and well-optimized Meta Title helps to increase Click Through Rate.

Meta Description: This tag gives a short description of the page which helps search engines and searchers to understand what the page is about.

Meta Keywords: Area where webmaster includes all keywords used over that page. Keyword meta tags quickly became an area where someone could stuff often-irrelevant keywords without typical visitors ever seeing those keywords that’s why Google has ignored meta keywords for years.

Heading Tag: H1 to H6 are heading tags, H1 is the most important heading tag in SEO.

Alt Tag: This tag is associated with the Image tag, using the Alt tag we can inform search engines about an image.


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