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Is paying for links really bad ?


Google says it's bad, but how would they really know if you're selecting very relevant sites and those sites stick your link in like real incontent relevant links. They can't know ever. Which basically means that link selling and buying will never end, only that it will be done more carefully now which in itself is good for SEO and search info.

Anyone have any different views on this ?

I have no idea of what Google or any of the engines are currently doing, but it makes sense to me that they would attempt to figure out which links might be purchased ones (and therefore not a vote) and simply not count them as a link.

I can't imagine them penalizing for them as that would be trying to dictate something that has potentially nothing to do with the engine and its own mission.

But it makes sense for them to just not count paid links.

That said, most of the time it's going to be very difficult for any engine to determine a paid link from a non-paid link. They can look for words like "sponsored by" near the link, and use that, but as we know those buying the links just for link pop. will do everything in their power to make sure their links appear to be a natural vote link, so they'll never catch them all

I doubt the engines will care if they catch them all anyway. As long as they can eventually discern the difference between paid links and real links, their algos should remain intact.

I think they're still a pretty long way off from being able to tell the difference other than in the most obvious cases.

But the main thing is that imo, you shouldn't have to worry about a penalty or anything like that.

Yeah I agree with you totally and that's the point isn't it, if you buy and sell links very carefully they can't really know. Sure if you're using services like TLA or other bulk link buying/selling services, it's possible they might be able to figure it out but if you go direct to buyers and sellers, and the sites are a solid match, it's almost impossible :)


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