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Is SEO dead

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No way! SEO isn't going any way at least for the next 10 years. It's well established and is used on many different platforms on the internet, even though there are a few things different here and there but the system works fine.

Did not understand your post.
Seo is not dead. It's always changing because SEs algorithms are changing continually.

Why are you asking about the death of SEO? As long as search engines exist, Search Engine Optimization will always exist too. That is the competition. Only the methods will change as technology keeps advancing. What I come up to is, will Google stay on top or will new king be born and change the whole SEO techniques work. It’s not fully impossible. Maybe Yahoo or Bing will replace Google or maybe not.

SEO stands for search engine optimization which means optimizing information in such a way that it shows up in the top of the search results pages.

Last time I checked every social media site out there has a search engine that allows members or visitors to search the site for certain information. The SEO’ers job is getting bigger not smaller.

However, the SEO landscape is changing at a rapid pace and this will cause some SEO people to either get more specific in the services they offer or to get out of it all together. 

I hope, SEO will die one day. There will not be SEO swindlers anymore, which make money by cheating not experienced web-masters.
If people could understand that they should make their site only for people and not for search engines there would not be any necessity in search engines optimizers.


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