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I'm throwing this out there as a conceptual question of sorts:

Is SEO dead in the long run?

I mean, as technology gets more and more advanced, will Google and other search engines start discounting activities that are done just for the sake of search rankings?

I think things like quality incoming links will always count, but I'd imagine that as technology advances Google will eventually want to judge content and sites a standalone basis, with a smaller emphasis on all the little extra things that people do to get ranked. (commenting on dofollow blogs, article marketing, etc.)

Technology will change things no doubt, but I dont think SEO will be dead.
yeh they could place more emphasis on the site itself, especially if they come out with something that can detect quality content.
But I dont see a lot changing at least in the next 5 - 10 years...

Me neither I don't think SEO will die but the methods like backlink spamming and irrelevant ads will get more & more useless.  As search engines keep optimizing I think maybe the top results for each keyword will stop changing as much, that's just my opinion.

No it will never be dead but certainly if your focus is to put up crap sites just for serp purposes then yes your job is gonna get harder and harder, certainly search manipulation which is what some SEO'ers do is getting penalised hard!

I think what you really mean mate is .... "Is black hat seo dead" and for that the answer is and will always be, that yes it's a dieing breed. Loopholes will always exist but if you build good content and optimise your sites the proper way you'll find it's a skill that will never die.


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