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Title: Keyword
Post by: a4nuser on 07-13-2016, 01:12:02
what is keyword dificulty?

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Keyword difficulty identifies how difficult it would be to rank well for a particular keyword. and the value is higher for more popular words because it will be more difficult to compete with 1,000s of other sites for a popular word than with 10s of others for the less popular ones.
Title: Re: Keyword
Post by: RH-Calvin on 07-18-2016, 23:13:04
Keywords are the search terms used to find your website in search engines. They are selected using Google keyword planner to rank websites higher in search results.
Title: Re: Keyword
Post by: TomClarke on 07-19-2016, 06:12:14
Keyword difficulty is a calculation done by the SEOMoz research tool that takes into account  a number of things including: competition (how many pages are currently ranking for that particular term), how many people are bidding on the term in paid search, how expensive are the clicks and how many people are actually searching for the term online.