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Re: keyword research
« Reply #10 on: 11-12-2018, 03:32:32 »
A keyword is a specific word that someone types into a search engine to find a topic they are looking for. It then ranks the results in order depending on what it feels you were most interested in and what would provide the best answer to your query.

Keyword research is a core SEO task that involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines -make in an attempt to figure out what to rank for. Researching keywords gives marketers a better understanding of how high the demand is for certain keywords and how hard it would be to compete for those terms in the organic search results, offering some direction to optimization efforts.

Keyword research isn'tjust about verifying how many searches a particular keyword has — it's also about exploring the many varied ways that people use language to research an idea or topic. As such, researching popular keywords isn't just a big part of search engine optimization, it's also a major element of content marketing as a whole. Why? Because it can help you find ideas for your next blog post, learn more about the needs of your audience, and keep up to date with the lingo of the ever-changing search landscape. Ultimately, by researching the words people type into search engines and using this research to create targeted content, you can drive the right traffic to your site — traffic that is more likely to convert.

If you’re looking to do it on your own, here are two simple tips.

Primary keywords – To find the keywords that are integral to your business, you need to understand what phrases your potential visitors might use to find you. When you’ve got your primary keywords figured out, you can start building long-tail keywords around them.
Auto-suggest – By now, surely all search engines have a built-in suggestion system. So when you start typing a certain word, most commonly used terms show up. This is a great way to figure out some possible search-terms you might have missed, and people often use.

SEO is never done, because the rules change all the time. However, SEO isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You have to wait and see what happens. But you also can’t be complacent. And you can’t choose keywords and then never check them again. You have to keep researching your keywords. What someone is searching for today may not be what they’re searching for in five years.

Keyword research takes time and effort, but the end result will be much better if you do it properly. Half-hearted keyword research will get you poor or no results. A web design company that offers SEO will know how to properly implement keyword research for your target audience to get you the best results. My advice to you is – be thorough, be realistic, and understand how to implement your keywords and you’ll find that the payoff is worth the time investment.

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Re: keyword research
« Reply #11 on: 11-14-2018, 22:27:31 »
The keyword is one first of SEO or a Website to start everything. There are just keywords to start.

So this is the reason that your keywords are the previous part.
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Re: keyword research
« Reply #12 on: 12-03-2018, 22:20:11 »
it is a strategy of increase traffic of your site in the search engine. finding what are the keywords for your targeted audience. it called keyword research. you should choose high ranking keywords for your content and site to increase searching, it is the best actionable On-page SEO technique forever. you search your topic related best keywords. use the Google keyword planner tool for real search keywords data. use keywords in the meta tags, URL and Content.

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Re: keyword research
« Reply #13 on: 01-05-2019, 02:47:48 »
first, you have to select the primary keywords and LSI keywords, these keywords must be related to your site and search volume much be good.

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Re: keyword research
« Reply #14 on: 01-31-2019, 04:53:40 »
Keyword Research is not easy task and overall ranking based on the keyword's selection. You should spent most of your time in probing the keywords that are related to your product and should select long tail, low competition, high traffic keywords so that you can rank them easily with less effort.

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Re: keyword research
« Reply #15 on: 02-01-2019, 21:40:05 »
keyword research is a good  seo technique. by the use of this technique you get unique keyword for your website and increases traffic on your website and increases google page rank.................................................................
... to know more about  keyword research..

What we have to do to know more about keyword research?

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Re: keyword research
« Reply #16 on: 02-18-2019, 04:03:50 »
First, let's get back to basics. When doing a keyword search, make sure you compile the information into a table.

This table will include at least the targeted URL, keywords, and search volume of these keywords. This will allow you to centralize information about your keywords in one document.

You will choose keywords by first ensuring the relevance of these for your services or products. Start with the terms used to designate them and widen your keyword pool afterwards by staying in the theme.

Necessarily, volume statistics are used to ensure that the keyword represents a good opportunity that deserves effort and investment.
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