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Title: Looking for marketer partner in a long-term project.
Post by: deepak sharma on 01-14-2017, 23:41:01

Project is in the classifieds ads niche.
I have both marketing a lot of different coding experience.

Looking for someone mature and ready for a long-term venture.
The project itself is almost ready. My partner just left cause of some personal reasons ->now i'm not able to handle everything by myself efficiently.
All the expenses can be split. have pretty much investment funds available.

What i expect:
- communities management (SMM mainly)
- market analysis, deep research on the audience, tracking, statistical-based analysis.
- email-marketing (have some own cool private solutions for that, been into email marketing for years)
- external SEO
- content-making (can be outsourced)
- partnerships management.

skype: swtorsale