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Title: Moved site, can't keep old domain, any way to not lose seo?
Post by: kriskc on 03-06-2017, 08:35:43
Hello all. I have a URL that I am being forced to give up. Long story but bottom line is it's non-negotiable and I have to give up the domain name soon. The problem is I have a site on that domain that is over 7 years old, has 85 posts and gets a lot of organic traffic. I don't want to lose that!

I already moved the site to a new URL and currently have 301 redirects in place. However, once I give up the URL, I will lose the 301 redirects, correct? Is there anything I can do to keep from losing all the years of links, SEO and hard work I've put into this site?  How long do redirects need to be in place?  Would it help if they allowed me to keep the domain until my registration expires (in three months) or will I lose any benefit from the 301 redirects then anyway? 

Thank you in advance.
Title: Re: Moved site, can't keep old domain, any way to not lose seo?
Post by: wellliving on 03-13-2017, 22:27:20
I'd focus on building up links to the new url - you are going to lose anything to do with the older url once you lose the domain - no way around that.

You can continue redirects for 3 months if you are allowed to use the domain until it expires.....but that's not going to help for long.

Really sad to lose access to a 7 yr old domain! I feel for you.

However 85 posts in 7 years isn't much and if you get good traffic on that no reason you can't build up that traffic again on a new domain by ramping up the activity for faster results. I'd focus on identifying where traffic is coming from - what keywords/topics are drawing the most traffic, etc. And back up your posts so you can reuse them.

Also, if I am giving up a domain, I remove any and all content from that domain before it expires.
Title: Re: Moved site, can't keep old domain, any way to not lose seo?
Post by: deekumar0203 on 05-17-2017, 01:16:49
It depends on the platform you are currently on. Some hosting companies offer migration services which can be an easy way to get going but SEO wise there's always risk involved. If you are changing domains, be careful. If you are just moving from one platform to another, hire a respected and solid developer to help with the move.

Just saw you are on Hubspot, I'm not sure but if they have an export tool, that's a good start. It's not something you should try doing on your own.