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Title: Recent Problem
Post by: asabih on 03-08-2013, 23:45:28
5 to 6 days back I made a change in the website. The change was that, when ever a user is landing on website and clicks second link on website, we re-direct user to signup and if he skips the signup then next time he will not be re-directed to signup page and he can browse the website normally. This behavior was is controlled by cookies. But we didnt implemented this forced signup behavior for google and other search engine bots. However, the content of the pages and content on the website is the exactly the same for all.

After one day of making this change, I have experienced decline in traffic, I want to know that is this thing part of cloaking? i am just re-directing not changing any content etc? How would I exaclty know if the decline is because of this change? As per analytics, the decline is from organic