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It seems very useful and will make more helpful for new SEO. Thanks for sharing with all of us


--- Quote from: Vinil on 03-20-2012, 22:55:46 ---I must say in off page we generally post a part of content with url back to our site so .If the site content is so ,no one can stop you but it shouldn't  be practiced i can say.I dont understand SOPA connection with SEO, could you please highlight your point

--- End quote ---
After Coming SOPA/ PIPA, I noticed that some of Sites and content are removing by the google. Google Crawling process is down. Google had changed all domain of blogger and also removed their Page rank and alexa rank. Many Blogs are not crawling. Due to SOPA/PIPA. If you are posting your link in low quality content/Duplicate content/NUDE or abusing any religious group Conent, You can automatically loose your ranking in google. I just notice these thing by doinng practically just to understand the effect of SOPA/PIPA.

Its Great! ;) Nice tips. Just tell me about keyword density. let suppose in 500 word content how many times my keyword should repeat?? 3 times or more than that??

good and informative page. really like it. thanks

The google SEO beginners is always good - this has been quite recently updated by Google too - see


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