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Can somebody give a hint what I should  learn first to make seo.
I mean books, blog, forums for seo beginners.
Any advices would be appreciated.

Read this post:

There are many seo books to learn search engine optimization.

There is a wealth of free information but an seo book may be best if you are serious about learning SEO.  There is so much to know and it is always changing, keep learning more and be patient with yourself.

I have used a couple of books to sort myself out on Google and have managed to get myself into the first page.

Page 1 - Number 1 Position for Mr Grumble:

I used a book called 'Get To The Top on Google' this deals with a lot of keyword analysis and is blooming fantastic - It has helped me no end, Google it and you will find it on Amazon. It deals with the researching side of keywords and helps you find different niches within your selected keywords that are untapped and this allows you to pounce on them and gain the rewards you are missing out on.

Hope this helps mate!


simple, build good content then build good quality links. No secrets no special techniques.

find similar sites, get link exchanges or pay them to add your link....

works fast, works easy, no problems!


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