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People make many SEO mistakes, any are not aware of many things  I just wanted to clear a couple of things that you shouldn't do.

Black Hat techniques: These might help you in the short term however, in the long term this doesn't help in SEO.

Title Tag: Don't put just any title but make sure your main keyword is in there.

All SE don't work the same: One of the biggest problems is that they think all search engines work the same way. pick one search engine and make sure that you optimize it according to that.

Unethical SEO experts: There are so many so called experts out there who claim to know what they're doing, but make sure you go to only a reputed company.


--- Quote from: jackking on 05-20-2010, 03:08:34 ---
Title Tag: Don't put just any title but make sure your main keyword is in there.

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I'd like to add the same thing for H1 (h2...) tag(s)

Would have to agree with you regarding blackhat methods, everyone reaches that stage in their website career where they feel they are not getting enough views/traffic or conversion and think (so people only think about blackhat methods - other implement the methods onto their websites) and usually in the short term they see the benefits, but in the long run they "short term benefits" such as one hundred views instead of ten, may seem good, but I urge you to please think long term when Google find out you have been "conning" and "cheating" them (because thats what it is) then you will see the repercussions!

The Search engine optimization Start even previous to conniving your site. It starts by choosing an incredibly thin and focused topic for your site, and selecting the right domain name. You must then pick the right keywords for each of your individual pages


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