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Found this helpful when learning SEO, it's a bit outdated but you can still learn a lot from it-

Thats very much informative, here is the another link to learn SEO. For only newbies who don't know what is SEO and how to get lots of traffic and how to optimize website at low costs...

Good luck...

Hey guys, thanks for sharing it..
Till now this is the best posts on this forum.. It contains a whole information about SEO and thats very helpful...
 :D :)

Very old book.
Some things work now, others don't.


--- Quote from: TakeItBack on 07-01-2010, 15:58:11 ---Very old book.
Some things work now, others don't.

--- End quote ---

Well that would be why this is posted in "SEO Basics" rather than the advanced section.  The main point of this thread was to contribute a simple easy-to-understand book for newbies.   :)


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