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Title: seo in 2014 and after
Post by: samyakonline on 02-04-2014, 23:39:38
Most of times we the SEO professionals get surprises by the blogs informing changes in algorithms. Today, when all traditional SEO practices have lost their edge, we need new approach top get promotion results. When the spokesperson from Google says they are making search engine smarter than before, what the changes should we incorporate in SEO practices?   
Title: Re: seo in 2014 and after
Post by: andy901 on 02-05-2014, 03:00:54
Well, according to my experience, focus on these two features.

1. Always add unique and fresh content in the form of "content marketing" because it is the major useful trick of optimizing a website in a positive way in 2014 and so on.

2. Always build links in a "natural" way, like don't use too much same anchor text in hyperlinks because if you build natural links then Google will neither penalize your website nor you will be hit by any of its algorithm.
Title: Re: seo in 2014 and after
Post by: bhupeshsharma on 02-12-2014, 03:05:52
I am total agree with andy901 and samyakonline, fresh and informative content is very important for promoting our site,  because Google search engine purpose to provide relevant information to users nothing else.

Title: Re: seo in 2014 and after
Post by: emedianetwork on 02-13-2014, 00:33:25
Hello friends,

 In my opinion, fresh and relevant content is a great way to promote any website through blogs and articles. You can do social bookmarking, directory submission, video submission, Info-graphics and profile creations etc. These activities must be done by an expert and should use high page rank do follow sites. There must be high class data for all activities.