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Title: SEO Tool Benchmark/Evaluation Questions
Post by: Grazzle on 01-15-2019, 07:55:54

im doing a Benchmark between 3 SEO Tools (SISTRIX, XOVI, PageRangers) for a midsized company within the healthcare industry (they provide solutions for accounting and stuff for clinics, hospitals etc). This is for my bachelors thesis.

My way to go for now is that i want to:

Title: Re: SEO Tool Benchmark/Evaluation Questions
Post by: supergolfer on 04-15-2019, 21:55:27

Establish what the current "placement" for the company is
Finding out who is targeted and which keywords are looked for in which capacity (With google Analytics and Search Console)
Creating a requirement catalog with functional requirements(for example that there has to be an indication how the current ranking of the homepage is or that there is an availability to check for keyword rankings) and non-functional requirements (pricing, usability etc.) with different weightings .
evaluate the 3 tools and compare them to the requirement catalog to come up with a solution that is best suited for the company / companies in the sector.