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Title: What is PPC?
Post by: emedianetwork on 11-20-2013, 23:32:17
Hello friends,

   Can anyone explain me the PPC (Pay Per Click)? i am not new in the field but want to know it deeply. How it works and how can perform for a website. By the way, i know organic SEO, onpage SEO and keyword research etc. I have never done PPC that's why feeling frustrated. Please help me with your valuable replies.
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: jaysh4922 on 11-21-2013, 01:11:19
PPC advertising program enables your website to get more targeted traffic towards your website. PPC can be extensively tracked.It's paid advertising method of search engine, advertiser have to pay cost for clicks and display, if a visitors click on your add then specific amount of cost you have to pay depends on keywords competition..PPC providers allow you to set upper limits on your cost-per-click and total daily spend, meaning you only spend as much as you want.
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: tomandjeny on 11-22-2013, 01:10:32
>PAY PER CLICK-It is not a free method.
>with ppc you receive what you pay for, so the more you invest into this method then the more traffic you will receive.
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: Terry McCune on 11-23-2013, 00:17:48
PPC also called as pay per click is a strong method of advertising your website, where you can place ads related to your website and you have to pay the owner of other website on the basis of each and every click to your ad.
Title: Pay per Click
Post by: Shirin Khan on 11-25-2013, 05:24:59
PPC stands for Pay per Click. PPC is a type of sponsored online advertising that is used on a wide range of websites, including search engines, where the advertiser only pays if a web user clicks on their ad. Hence the title, ‘pay per click.’
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: spyindiaanu on 12-09-2013, 04:40:57
According to me, PPC is stands for Pay Per Click. These are the paid advertisement,which is take major role to increase the traffic to the site. If any condition you not get result by seo process, get fast result through ppc advertisement....
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: john00 on 12-09-2013, 09:28:41
Google Adwords is the Ad program of Google which is also called the PPC(pay per click). We pay to Google and they put the ads of our website in Google Search Engine.
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: kushalmalik on 12-10-2013, 00:51:32
PPC -stands for Pay Per Click. It is being used by search engines to rank websites on basis of the search queries. You need to pay for each click on your ads running on these search engines for a particular keyword.
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: jamesstuard5 on 12-13-2013, 11:46:30
PPC is an Internet marketing formula used to price online advertisements. PPC stands for pay per click. PPC programs the online advertisers will pay Internet Publishers the agreed upon PPC rate when an ad is click on, regardless if a sale is made or not. Pay per click in search engine advertising, the advertiser would typically bid on a keyword so the PPC rate changes.
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: kumar29 on 03-03-2014, 05:30:01
PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to pay for top positions on search engines and appear on relevant partner websites. This delivers instant traffic and offers many ways to compliment your existing SEO strategies by testing keywords, business models, and marketplace verticals
Title: Re: What is PPC?
Post by: Donna D. Phillips on 03-12-2014, 01:18:27
PPC is pay per click used to earn money online .it is simply based on the technique if you get more number of click on your link then you can earn more well as you can also increese traffic on your website.