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Title: Splash Page
Post by: sylviadlyons on 10-01-2012, 06:09:36

Splash pages have 2 other different names. One is Doorway pages and second is doorway pages. A page on your website not there to accommodate advice but rather alone to rank for a specific keyword by word in hopes that the visitors will go to one of your added advantageous pages after that.
Title: Re: Splash Page
Post by: RajSrivastav on 10-02-2012, 23:08:14
Splash Page is used as landing page for users to guide them to enter into webiste including logo with keyword or "click here" link to redirect to main site
Title: Re: Splash Page
Post by: DavisJoseph on 10-03-2012, 00:35:35
A Splash Page is a primary page a user lands on prior to getting the main Home Page for the website. Usually this will include a visually impressive intro or animation leading up to the main content. Rarely Splash Pages are used to offer the user a few options on how they would prefer to view the main content of the website.