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Title: Webmaster Tools 404 Errors
Post by: kienthucnet on 10-14-2015, 22:29:00
Hi Everyone,

I have blog and a site and both have 404 errors. The site has a 404 error of generic-error.aspx. Not sure how it got one of this one but it did. On by blog I had it up for 2 days and somehow it found it. I have since installed yoast that changed the blog names from /24a8 to /title so now I have a bunch of 404's.

Just wondering if I should just ignore these or do something about it??
Thanks T
Title: Re: Webmaster Tools 404 Errors
Post by: Talukdar on 10-20-2015, 20:32:51
Take a look here. I hope you will find it helpful
Title: Re: Webmaster Tools 404 Errors
Post by: jaysh4922 on 11-02-2015, 23:29:04
Error 404 means that the server could not find the web is called also HTTP standard response code,the meaning of that is server unable to connect with user..
Title: Re: Webmaster Tools 404 Errors
Post by: TomClarke on 09-07-2016, 01:12:36
You can use some tools:
- check your redirects with a response header checker tool like URI Valet ot the Check Server Headers Tool;
- Screaming Frog is an excellent tool to check which pages on your site are showing a 301 redirect, and which ones are showing 404 errors or 500 errors. The free version caps out at 500 pages on the site, beyond this you would need to buy  the full version;
-  The SiteOpSys Search Engine Indexing Checker is an excellent tool where you can put in a list of your URLs that you submitted as redirects. This tool will allow you to check your URLs in bulk to see which ones are indexing and which ones are not. If your original URLs that you had redirected  are no longer indexing thta means Google removed th eold URL from its index.