Which is better SEO or PPC for generate query of healthcare website?

Author Topic: Which is better SEO or PPC for generate query of healthcare website?  (Read 1850 times)

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Hello !! Which is better SEO or PPC for generate query of healthcare website?

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As per my Knowledge, SEO & PPC both are equally important for generating traffic for a Healthcare Industrial website.
Medical SEO vs Medical PPC: A Search Engine Marketing Overview: https://goo.gl/WHhFMQ

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Hello !! Which is better SEO or PPC for generate query of healthcare website?

If you are looking to start PPC for a website, you have to make sure your website is properly optimized. By optimizing means you have to do SEO first. And running a PPC campaign without optimizing the website will not help you to generate the leads or enquiry for the website.

SEO and PPC both goes hand in hand. If you do SEO once and think it's ranking will be stable than you are wrong. SEO is not something which need to be done only once, it's an ongoing process. But SEO results are not short term, SEO results are long lasting. Whereas, PPC results are short term. As long as you are running PPC campaign, you will see increase in the ranking and traffic of the website and also you will be able to generate leads. But once you stop campaign their will be drop in ranking and traffic and it will not help to generate leads.

SO if you are looking to generate leads, first do SEO and later do PPC.

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It really depends on your needs and market. For instance, let's say you make $100 for every customer you get. If you can use PPC and acquire customers at a cost of $50 and that allows you to make some margin, you should most certainly be doing PPC and you should continue to do so as long as your cost per acquisition is less than the amount you end up making from that customer. This is a purely an ROI based decision. You put in X dollars and you receive Y dollars of profit. This is the most ideal position to be in as a business, as the amount of profit you make is nearly a linear function of how much you invest in PPC marketing and it is predictable. Yes, SEO is a great augmentation as it can lower the average cost of acquiring a customer but with SEO you cannot predictably put in X dollars and receive Y dollars in profit. It is largely an art-form and cannot be reproduced on a customer-by-customer basis and so I would argue that it is not a long-term strategy as many answers above suggest.

On the other hand, if your goal is not to acquire customers at a defined cost or you don't know the value of a customer, PPC will likely not help you much. SEO can be great in these cases and can help you get traffic for whatever purposes you may have.


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