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Write for people not SEs


One of the biggest problems when writing content is that they stuff it so much with keywords that it almost sounds absurd. This doesn't seem like a very good idea. make sure that your content is interesting to people more than SEs.

When I write articles for web I try to follow these rules:

Brevity of structure
Ideally the document should not exceed more than one and a half page. It should be to the point and written in such a way so that it can showcase your management abilities. It should briefly describe situations where u handled the problem efficiently. There should be no grammatical mistakes. It has to be written in your own voice and it should maintain a professional tone throughout.

Follow the CCAR format
The context, challenge, action and result format is an essential form for the writing . It should be so written so that it can be the answer to the vacancy requirements of the organization.

Spend the requisite time in its formatting
You should spend a minimum of 3 hours to do the formatting . The formatting should include the steps of drafting it, then writing, and then spending some time in its editing and ultimately rewriting it.
If that involves racking your brain over instances where you had best exhibited your leadership qualities, then you should not compromise with that time, but invest it properly.

SEO Workgroup:
This is very true. We must have to remember that the website is for humans and not for the crawler because the main motive of SEO is to generate traffic for the web site.


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