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Title: Polish language copywriting [PL]
Post by: TeddyBear on 10-16-2017, 05:33:35
Hello SEO Friends :)

I'm new here, need some time to look around (on the forum), so please - be understanding ;-)
Anyway, I was really good copywriter in Poland, well educated, etc. Now I am here, in the UK and want to start doing something which has any connections with copywriting in the UK as well.

If some of You guys need (or will need in the future) any content in polish language - just contact with me, I can provide you as much articles as you need.

As You know - there is almost 1 000 000 polish people living in the UK, so it is very big base of potential customers.

You can contact with me by pm on the forum, or mail at

Kind regards :)