The Secrets to Effective Copywriting

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The Secrets to Effective Copywriting
« on: 09-21-2012, 12:54:04 »
The best copywriters have found the secret of making their work seem simple. You've probably read sales pages and had the thought that you could do that yourself. However, you might have also made the effort to really write some copy and found yourself stuck, thinking, "what should I write?" Copywriting is not easy, but it's something anyone can learn the fundamentals of. Copywriting is a very useful skill for any internet marketer to have. You need this to be able to start making sales, as internet marketing is all about persuading people to buy your products! Here are a few things about copywriting that you should know:

Copywriting is not about being 'in your face.' You do not want to make people think you're saying, "Buy this NOW!" This kind of copy falls on its face. You want to write in a way that doesn't make people feel they are being sold something. You have to consider that your income and livelihood depend on your sales copy, so it has to be written well enough to do that.

Part of the sales process in copywriting is incorporated into the story contained in the sales letter. You always want to avoid "shouting" that you're selling something in your message. Those are a huge turn off!

When describing the product, stress the positive, but at the same time acknowledge any weak points. You always want to show how your product will be helpful to the people who will purchase it. Describe as many possible ways that this product or service can be beneficial or useful. You want people to believe that this is a high quality product. On the other hand, you should not try to cover up any flaws your product has. Acknowledging a flaw or two, however briefly, is a good idea. This makes your copy sound more realistic and not like a complete sales pitch. This makes your writing sound more honest and objective. Keep in mind, however, that you should put most of your effort into telling people what's helpful about the product!

If you want people to buy your product, let them know what it will do for them. Give them all the details! Remember, you are very familiar with the product that you are trying to sell. You know a lot about it. The people who will be buying it won't be as knowledgeable about the product.

Do not take it for granted that anything is common knowledge when it comes to what you are selling. Include even the most seemingly basic facts about why this is such a great product. Taking the time to make sure your potential clients and customers thoroughly understand what you are offering them is just good business. There are very real aspects about copywriting that seem like art. Copywriting sells everything, and even when you see sales videos they contain a script. Chances are excellent that the script for that video was written by a copywriter. All those TV ad spots you see every day were written by a copywriter.

But of course there's nothing wrong with hiring writers if you can afford to do that. Even if you do this, you should make sure you have at least a basic knowledge of how copywriting works and what your hired copywriter is doing in your sales material.


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