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Title: Mosquito net chennai | Phiferindia
Post by: mosquitonet on 09-23-2016, 04:33:43
PHIFER is the world's largest selling brand of Mosquito screens. PHIFER retails its range of Mosquito net
systems for doors & windows in India through exclusive showrooms across the country. PHIFER is the only
brand offering 10 different types of fitment options for windows and two fitment options for doors. There
are 6 different types of mesh options ranging from fiberglass to stainless steel meshes.

All of Phifer's products add to the aesthetics of a homes interior. PHIFER is an American product at Indian prices.
Completely imported and assembled in India, PHIFER is the only brand that owns several quality
certificates for its products like, Lead free, Microban, Greenguard, Lead Free, Fire Retardant etc.
PHIFER is the only international brand with a strong presence in India offering world class after sales